Life Recently

The cats have been spending a lot of time in their new Cat Crib.

I ordered the crib a while back and asked my parents send it over from the States. They sent it along with a boatload of other goodies to help me get through my pregnancy.

As much as I tell them not to send it, it’s always fun to receive American Halloweeen candy. We had a great time taste testing everything. The booger gummies were my favorite.

Just this week I met up for lunch with a woman from my book club and she introduced me to a new restaurant where I had an awesome curry.

Last weekend Jen and Rob were visiting my parents in Ohio. I video chatted with them a few times and things got pretty interesting…

I made a trip to Ikea on Wednesday and scoped out the baby gear. So cute.

Luke and I had date date night on Friday. We kicked it off with tea and scones at Smith & Hsu.

We ended up ordering a pot of Masala Chai (although I was tempted by the Kir Royale tea) to accompany our cheese and berry scones.

After tea we did some shopping and ended up at Toasteria for dinner.

Luke had a salami and gouda grilled cheese and I had a smoked salmon salad. It was divine.

And perhaps the most exciting thing in our lives is that as of today I am 17 weeks pregnant!

I am finally starting to show and others are noticing. Hopefully sometime this week or next I will feel him move for the first time. I can’t wait for that moment.

Cats and Cupcakes

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend making cupcakes.

I made a whole batch.

But decided they were so good that I had to make a second batch.

Fern and Goose hung out with me in the kitchen while I baked both batches. The first time on the fridge sleeping.

And for the second batch in the dryer.

We managed to get out of the house to do some shopping at the Taipei 101 mall. New pants from Zara for Luke.

Sunday I hosted a brunch with other alumnae from my College  who also live in Taipei.

After brunch I headed over to my Chinese teacher’s house for two hours of tutoring and then an hour of me teaching her six-year-old daughter English. By the end of the weekend we were all pretty exhausted.

A Week of $299 Bargains

On Saturday Luke was walking around our neighborhood in search of a new place to have his hair cut. He walked past one place that was handing out coupons for a hair cut and wash for $299 NT (about $12 NZD/ $10 USD). So he decided to try it out.

Here’s Luke before:

Here’s Luke after:

His hair turned out great! We both agreed it was the best cut he has had in Taiwan. The hairdresser gave him a few extra vouchers on his way out. This week I was booked to go and have a hair cut at a favorite expat salon. It’s a very nice salon but also very expensive. A women’s haircut there would be around $2000 NT (or $80 NZD). I thought about it awhile and then decided to cancel my appointment and try out the $12 place. My hair grows fast so I thought even if it turned out bad it wouldn’t matter too much as it will be longer again in no time. And so I went.

Here’s Mel before:

Here’s Mel after:

I thought the hairdresser did a pretty good job. It was certainly better than my last (and very expensive) Taiwan hair cut experience. The biggest problem was language. She didn’t speak a drop of English and I don’t yet know how to say things like, ‘layers’, and ‘bangs’. So I ended u having to pick out a haircut from her catalogue of  Taiwanese hair styles. I would have liked a few more layers but for $12 I thought it was pretty solid. Plus they gave me the most amazing shampoo/head massage. (Taiwanese Salons are really into giving really long and luxurious head massages).

My other $299 steal of the week was a pair of ‘made in Taiwan’ shoes. I’m a loyal Croc wearer – mainly because have been soft for me to wear with my bad knee and because they can get wet with no problem. But the other day I saw this on my friend’s Facebook page and had a ‘oh my god am I really a Croc-wearer?’ moment.


So I decided it was time to swap out the Crocs for a new pair of shoes. The only criteria was they had to be super comfy as I am still recovering from my knee surgery. So I popped into a shoe store that was selling shoes priced from $150 NTD ($6 NZD) to $299 NTD. The ‘higher-end’ made in Taiwan shoes were actually made out of real leather and had a really cushioned insole. So I tried a pair on and my feet were floating on clouds. So I bought a pair after agonizing awhile over which color and style to get.

It’s been a bargain kind of week but today were are going to go to Costco and will blow all of what we saved on these deals plus some!