Grandma Elizabeth

We just had another very special visitor – Luke’s Mum – come and stay for over a week. It wasn’t long after her arrival when she discovered Jude also loved dancing. She promptly introduced him to Mc Hammer and taught him how to Hammer time!.

IMG_9808Just like last time, she came with a suitcase full of NZ gifts and goodies for us. She gave Toby his first bear made from a beautiful soft wool.

IMG_0025We did a lot while she was here.

One nice morning we went to Daan Park to feed the ducks and birds.

IMG_9852Another day, we went with Jude to Costco where Elizabeth bought Jude an awesome set of pretend food to go with his kitchen.

IMG_9899It didn’t take long for Jude to discover this Grandma also had an iPad!

IMG_9905Elizabeth was such a big help with both boys – taking Jude to the playground so I could get some rest or staying home with Toby so I could get out and run errands.

IMG_9911One errand I have been meaning to do for awhile was get Jude a new bike seat on the back of my bike.

IMG_9830One night Elizabeth watched the boys for us and Luke and I got out for a date night – pizza, beer and shopping.

IMG_9870We managed a few outings with both the boys as the weather was excellent.

IMG_9934Luke was at work most of the time she was here so it was wonderful having the extra pair of hands around to help out – whether it be with mealtimes, diaper changes, burping or bath time.

IMG_0034And of course, just hanging out around at home.



IMG_0013On her second to last night we went to Raohe Night Market where we had dinner and browsed the stalls.



IMG_9965We took a group shot the morning of her departure.

IMG_0028And Jude and I saw her off with a very teary goodbye.

IMG_0036We are so grateful for getting to spend so much time with Grandma Elizabeth and cannot even begin to express how thankful we are for all her help. Hopefully she’ll come back and visit us again soon!

More adventures with Cam and Gin

Ginny’s 30th Birthday may have been the highlight but we managed to do so other cool stuff around Taiwan while Cam and Gin were here.

We took a mini-road trip to Taroko Gorge.

And stayed a night in the glorious Silks Place.

Wine was consumed and cigars were smoked.

We ate a boatload of a food.

And we celebrated Gin’s birthday once more.

Back in Taipei we got on our bikes and hit up the Shida night market.

Luke was keen for our guests to sample Taiwan’s more unusual culinary delights.

On the tasting menu that particular night: Pig’s blood. Cam not keen.

One stunning afternoon we got back in the car and drove up to Maokong.

Tea was drunk and stories were told.

Ending the night at Bongos for a hit of western-style hamburgers.

We enjoyed a few morning walks through Daan Park (complete with a foot massage).

One sweltering day we took our bikes and sun-brellas out the CKS Memorial.

A tasty lunch of dumplings was eaten at the Golden Chicken Pot on the famous Yongkang St.

The last night Cam and Gin were here we went out to Ximending and then to a Japanese BBQ place for grilled meats and copious amounts of beer (which sadly I had to miss as I was sooo exhausted).


After the Typhoon

Typhoon Saola came and went. It left behind a lot of mess and a lot of these guys:

Everything shut down on Thursday as a result of the Typhoon so we had a day at home studying. Despite being inside things still got a bit destructive.

This wasn’t caused by the Typhoon but by my own stupidity.

Friday things were back to normal. We had classes in the morning then Korean for lunch.

And to kick off our Friday night we headed to Gongguan Night Market (公館夜市) located a short bike ride away from us to eat more good food.

We saw this stand with a super long line at this stall and were immediately intrigued.

Whenever you see a long line in Taiwan, you can bet your money whatever is at the other end of the line is worth the wait.

So Luke lined up and 15 minuted later he has this in his hands:

He was stoked with it. There was one big delicious mess of goodness inside there. If you ever come visit us in Taiwan you will have to try one of these!

The next long line we spotted was at this stall:

So we lined up again and again it was worth the wait. It was a delicious bready omlety thing. I could imagine having one for breakfast.

To polish our day of good food off we hit up our local shaved ice place for dessert.

We spent the rest of the night in a total food coma. Saturday night we took a drive to Maokong, a tea growing spot just outside of Taipei.

We went to YaoYue as we heard it was pretty tops.

It was very atmospheric set amongst the tea fields.

We sat outside and had tea.

And a few snacks to go with it.

It was a nice escape from the city and I foresee many many more trips to Maokong in our future.

We were lucky the Typhoon passed just in time for the weekend or else none of this would have been possible!