Busy June

June is almost over. It was a busy month starting off with Luke’s Mum visiting. After she left we had  to say goodbye to our dear friends who moved back to the U.S.

IMG_8177It was very sad to see them go but we know we will visit them in their new location.

IMG_8179They kindly gave us their baby bathtub for Jude to have.

IMG_6772He loves it, making bath time a lot of  fun.

IMG_6777Apart from visits, farewells, and baths, we’ve been doing some walking practice;

IMG_6797adventures to the grocery store;


the hair salon;


and play dates with other babies and mommies.

IMG_6476_2(see the ‘Hey Jude’ onesie the other baby has on? so cute)

IMG_6510This is our weekly group of babies and mom’s that we get together with.

IMG_6493We were all in the same birth class and have babies around about the same age. It’s hard to handle the cuteness!

IMG_6517June almost over but July is looking just as busy!

A Week of $299 Bargains

On Saturday Luke was walking around our neighborhood in search of a new place to have his hair cut. He walked past one place that was handing out coupons for a hair cut and wash for $299 NT (about $12 NZD/ $10 USD). So he decided to try it out.

Here’s Luke before:

Here’s Luke after:

His hair turned out great! We both agreed it was the best cut he has had in Taiwan. The hairdresser gave him a few extra vouchers on his way out. This week I was booked to go and have a hair cut at a favorite expat salon. It’s a very nice salon but also very expensive. A women’s haircut there would be around $2000 NT (or $80 NZD). I thought about it awhile and then decided to cancel my appointment and try out the $12 place. My hair grows fast so I thought even if it turned out bad it wouldn’t matter too much as it will be longer again in no time. And so I went.

Here’s Mel before:

Here’s Mel after:

I thought the hairdresser did a pretty good job. It was certainly better than my last (and very expensive) Taiwan hair cut experience. The biggest problem was language. She didn’t speak a drop of English and I don’t yet know how to say things like, ‘layers’, and ‘bangs’. So I ended u having to pick out a haircut from her catalogue of  Taiwanese hair styles. I would have liked a few more layers but for $12 I thought it was pretty solid. Plus they gave me the most amazing shampoo/head massage. (Taiwanese Salons are really into giving really long and luxurious head massages).

My other $299 steal of the week was a pair of ‘made in Taiwan’ shoes. I’m a loyal Croc wearer – mainly because have been soft for me to wear with my bad knee and because they can get wet with no problem. But the other day I saw this on my friend’s Facebook page and had a ‘oh my god am I really a Croc-wearer?’ moment.


So I decided it was time to swap out the Crocs for a new pair of shoes. The only criteria was they had to be super comfy as I am still recovering from my knee surgery. So I popped into a shoe store that was selling shoes priced from $150 NTD ($6 NZD) to $299 NTD. The ‘higher-end’ made in Taiwan shoes were actually made out of real leather and had a really cushioned insole. So I tried a pair on and my feet were floating on clouds. So I bought a pair after agonizing awhile over which color and style to get.

It’s been a bargain kind of week but today were are going to go to Costco and will blow all of what we saved on these deals plus some!