Jude: 49 Months Old

Jude is loving being 4. In fact, he tells almost everyone he meets! He has to have 4 shots this month to come up to speed with the NZ vaccination schedule and it was a piece of cake. So much easier with a 4 year old.

IMG_5628Earlier in May we spent time a beach with Aunt Abby, Uncle Brad, and Cousin Harriet. Jude loved being at the beach but not as much as he loved being with Harriet! Here she is helping turn Jude into a beached mermaid.IMG_5648Jude loves to run and NZ is never short of wide, open spaces for him to just run. IMG_5597He has been working really hard on figuring out relationships. He wants to know all about Luke and I being married, who our parents and siblings are and how we all relate to one another. IMG_5713Jude is always so keen to make friends. He often talks about how much he misses his cousins and so it has been great to get to catch up with old friends with kids of a similar age.

IMG_5920It’s been awesome for Jude to have a new city to explore. Wellington is a fabulous city for kids. There is so much to do. IMG_6120Jude very bravely rode on a flying fox for the first time ever. IMG_6115The playgrounds here are so fun- much more challenging than the ones in Taipei.IMG_5831We’ve been taking the city bus to get around places and Jude just loves it. He will look out the window the whole time without saying a peep.

IMG_6458We spend a lot of time at Te Papa museum. Jude is crazy about the Giant Squid and loves watching the video about how the fishermen caught the squid and how the scientists examined it. There is a great cafe in the museum where we often meet up with friends or just hang out and build with the blocks there.IMG_6486Both boys love coming back in from the cold and having hot chocolates with marshmallows.IMG_6527We borrowed a bike and scooter from our friends for the boys to use. It was Jude’s first time on training wheels and he got it straight away. IMG_5700Jude had his face painted for the first time ever a few weeks back.IMG_6417Another favourite thing of Jude’s is looking at the fish at the supermarket. He’s been eating a lot of fish here so we talk a lot about how the fish ends up on his plate.IMG_5820Every day we take a ‘secret path’ down to the waterfront to feed the ducks and seagulls. Jude just loves when they walk over his feet to try to get a piece.

IMG_6478Both boys had a ball at the trampoline park. They give you green socks with grips on the bottom to wear and Jude wears them even when we don’t go. He calls them his frog socks.IMG_5842Just like in Taiwan the boys love hiding when Dad comes home and then surprising him. It so cute to watch them scramble when we hear the door open.

IMG_5853We get asked all the time if the boys are twins. I thought that maybe this would change when we left Taiwan.

IMG_6619Just like in Taiwan the boys love hiding when Dad comes home and then surprising him. It so cute to watch them scramble when we hear the door open. IMG_5853It’s been a super fun month for Jude in Wellington!IMG_6097



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