Jude: 4 Years Old

On April 28th Jude turned 4 years old.

IMG_5063At 4 Jude is an outgoing little chatterbox.

IMG_5119He loves make-believe, telling stories, and helping us out.

IMG_4225Jude is a total go-getter. He walks around on the tips of his toes looking for what’s next.

IMG_4273His curious and very persistent. Jude doesn’t stop until he gets an answer. (He does a great Pout, Pout Fish face).

IMG_8687Jude spends most of his day in a high gear and the only time he switches to low gear is when he is watching a show or is sick.

IMG_5205Poor Jude got really sick several days before we left Taiwan.

IMG_4470Thankfully it came after our last few playdates with friends. Here’s a photo of Jude and I teaching our friends the ‘Banana Song’ before he got sick.

IMG_4230And by the time we touched down in Wellington he was back to normal.

IMG_4648We stopped at a Farm show in Rotorua and when they asked for kid volunteers, Jude jumped right up and had no worries about being on stage in front of hundreds of strangers.

IMG_5155This year has been a great one for Jude and Toby’s relationship. Jude directs their imaginary play and Toby gets right into it.

IMG_5143Their personalities are pretty much exactly opposite but the bond they feel as brothers is so strong.

IMG_8640We were in Thames for Jude’s Birthday which meant we got to celebrate with family and friends. A day before the 28th we visited some old friends we knew in Taipei who have a son born one week after Jude. So we had cake with them to celebrate.

IMG_5494And then on Jude’s actual birthday after opening his present from us (mini transformers) we went over to Granddad and Val’s house for more cake.


IMG_5541Then back in Thames that night for cupcakes.

And finally on Saturday we went over to Aunt Abby and Uncle Brad’s for a big party with the Aunties, Uncles, cousins, and Grandmama.




IMG_5578Four years has flown by and we continue to feel so blessed to have this kid in our lives. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!




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