Toby: 30 Months Old

Toby changed a lot this month. IMG_3745His vocabulary is growing and he is speaking so clearly. Previously he used to stutter a bit as he tried to get a sentence out but now he just spits it out. This has especially helped when he wants something. No hesitation now, he just demands. I’ve also noticed that he is more confident when it comes to playing with Jude. He stands up for himself if thinks Jude is being unfair. They played so well together this month – they really are best buddies and hate being separated.



IMG_4005This particular trip to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial was a funny one. The boys saw these little dogs running around and wanted to go pet them. One dog was quite hyper and kept jumping up on the boys and then when they would run away the dog would chase them. Toby screamed louder than I have heard before. The crazy thing was that he kept coming back for more. IMG_4010Toby said goodbye to his teachers and friends from school this month. Lucky we got this great photo as a keepsake. I will always remember the struggle we had to get Toby dressed on picture day. He was not in the mood and especially not keen to wear what we wanted him too. We managed to  reach a compromise with the outfit below.

IMG_3748Toby was also not keen on school sports day. No way was he going to march around a track singing some lame song about school spirit.IMG_3843So instead we sat on the sidelines eating snacks. IMG_3854I had Toby’s parent-teacher conference and his teacher confirmed that even at school he doesn’t like to follow the herd. Toby does what Toby wants.

But when he does he’s all in. I love to see this kid dance.IMG_4111Ms Kitty said she is really going to miss Toby’s quirky ways and the outrageous looks he gives her.IMG_4130Toby and Jude got some special 1-on-1 time with Dad this month. Luke took them to this super cool Lego exhibition. IMG_8640


IMG_8650We also went to this  indoor play room with a huge ball bit. Toby went loopy for it. He loves ball pits.IMG_4023Toby, you are such a personality. We can’t get over the funny things you come up with.



IMG_4093Toby, we love you just the way you are.


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