Toby: 29 Months Old

Toby is fast catching up to Jude. He’s already the exact same weight (17kg/37.5lbs) and only a little bit shorter measuring 92cm/36inches.

IMG_2733Toby had an okay month. He doesn’t deal very well with life moving fast and so Grandma and Grandpa coming and then leaving as well as our trip to Cebu was all a bit overwhelming for him at times.

IMG_2694He had his moments where he was totally into Grandma and Grandpa but then other moments where he wanted nothing to do with them.

IMG_2753He loved giving them a hard time especially when it came to picking him up out of his crib. They weren’t offended though as this is one of Toby’s signature plays. If I go to pick Toby out of bed; he refuses and cries for Luke and vice versa.

IMG_3247Toby was pretty good on holiday.

IMG_2882It sometimes took a bit of effort to get him to get into things.

IMG_2986But once he was in the water or doing whatever activity, he wouldn’t want to get out or stop.

IMG_3082But man this kid has such a strong will. When he doesn’t want to do something there is no bribe that can tempt him.

IMG_2957I especially love these photos from one of his field trips this month. The photos capture Toby so well. This is Toby not in the mood.


IMG_3314Toby is really into Batman at the moment. He loves parading around in this mask talking in a low, authoritative voice. He also loves the Lego Batman movie soundtrack, especially the heavy metal tracks.

IMG_3472Toby has started calling Jude ‘Judah’. This is what everyone at school calls Jude as in Chinese, using Pinyin, the ‘de’ is pronounced ‘dah’.

IMG_3259Toby always wants Jude with him. He doesn’t want to go anywhere without him.



IMG_3457    The boys are so good at adding little rituals to our day. At night time they love things in a certain order: tucked in, story, kiss and hug, and then a song. Luke made up this cute little jingle for them that Toby just loves.

(To the tune of ‘Rock a Bye Baby’) Rock a bye baby, your cradle is green, Daddy’s a Nobleman, Mommy’s a Queen, Jude is a Captain who sails his own ship, and Toby’s a drummer who drums for the King.IMG_2695Toby, you are one tough (but very sweet) cookie. IMG_3430

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