Toby: 28 Months Old

I love seeing this face and his crazy hair every morning.

img_1912Some mornings he is not as happy to see us as we are him.

img_2465Toby is still so good about going to school. He seems to have a lot of friends as when I drop him off in the morning kids are always shouting out, “Toby, 來了!” (Toby’s here!)

img_1804He is always happiest on the days they bake something in class and on the days they go to the playground.


img_1799Like Jude, Toby also got to visit the farm and harvest a turnip for the New Year.

img_1937And turn it into a cake.


img_2102His class made these cute beanbag roosters.

img_2168And painted lucky signs.

img_2103Over the Chinese New Year we did a lot of scooter and bike riding.

img_2352They love riding to 7-11 for ice cream. I love when they eat ice cream too as it’s usually the only 5 minutes of quiet I get all day.

img_1840Toby is a very physical kid, he loves running, jumping and climbing. He has great balance and confidence so I no longer need to shadow the boys on the playground. We have entered a new phase.


Toby’s skeleton/ghost/monster obsession continues. Every morning I ask him what he dreamt about. His answer almost always is, “bing, bang, wiggle, waggle, shake in the bones” and then sings, “all the skeletons keep marching on“. Funny kid.

img_2208Toby is so serious around other people. He does not suffer fools gladly. If someone if smiling and waving at him saying something like “cute boy”. He will simply lower his gaze and shoot them a scolding glare. He doesn’t run and hide behind us but instead will stand his ground until they back down.

img_2376Toby has big emotions and when he blows its like a volcano exploding. He is very difficult to calm down.

img_2299The boys are back on a Lego kick. This time with the smaller pieces. Aunty Faith bought the boys a couple of cool new sets and they are constantly tinkering. There was a great Lego Batman exhibitions at one of the malls near us and we went quite a few times to play.


img_2514We also managed a trip to the zoo and gondola over the New Year break. Super cool.img_2399

img_2404Toby was totally relaxed on the gondola whereas Jude was gripping us pretty tight. After they both wanted to ride it again.

img_2415One of the funniest things about Toby is how he is always changing his voice. Sometimes he will speak in a deep, commanding tone and other times light and sweet. He will change his mannerisms too depending on which character he is. He also has this cute little thing where he is always placing his left hand curled up under his armpit. He will do it when he is pleased with himself or when he is saying something authoritative to someone. It’s just so Toby. img_2378Toby loves his friend Jessica but recently he has been blaming all of his injuries on her. None of which she has been involved in. If he falls down and later has a bruise and I ask him what happened he will respond, “Jessica did this to me”. Not sure where this came from!

img_2104Our Toby, what a character!


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