Jude: 45 Months Old

Jude is getting closer and closer to 4 and he is as sassy as ever. We sometimes can’t believe the things that come out of his mouth. He knows how to tell fibs, he knows how to very eloquently give someone a compliment (knowing it will make them feel good) and he can remember lyrics of songs he’s only heard once. It’s all happening too fast.

img_7948January was an unusual month as we had Chinese New Year so the boys had two weeks of school and then two weeks off. At school they did a lot a lot of activities to prepare for the New Year.

They painted Chinese characters decorations for good luck.img_2275Made paper mache roosters (it’s the year of the rooster)

img_2268Went to a farm where they picked radishes to make turnip cake which is commonly eaten during Chinese New Year as in Chinese radish (萊菔) is a homophone for good fortune (好彩頭).

And the cake!

img_2274On the last day before the CNY break the whole school had a big celebration. They walked around the neighbourhood singing songs and were given treats.

img_2272Here is Jude’s school work from the past month. It was cool to see a monster/person drawing in there.

img_1871The boys had two weeks off from school. We kept busy by riding bikes, playing at playrooms and going out to eat.

img_2340One day we stopped in at Krispie Kreme to find these cool CNY-themed donuts.

img_2368We went to Leo’s Playland another day, which completely exhausted me as the boys had me climbing through tunnels,  up and down ladders and then would attack me with foam balls.

img_2250Jude made friends with this little girl at the Xinyi Parent-Child Center.

img_2291On one of Luke’s days off work he took Jude out to check out a new Lego exhibition.

img_8138Jude has completely stopped napping during the day. We now keep him in the playroom where he quietly plays while Toby naps. Somedays if I am doing something like baking, I will get him to come out and help me. We celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 19th, so Jude helped me make a cake and pizza during nap time.


img_2119Jude got to go to the movies one morning with Luke to see ‘Moana’ with a bunch of our friends. Toby and I joined for the photo (he’s hidden in front of Luke’s legs). The movie was a big hit with Jude and he is loving listening to the soundtrack everyday on repeat since.

16299271_10154940266433245_4876660975678744689_nJude’s month wasn’t all smiles. He was quite difficult at times and I found myself totally exhausted from dealing with him. He has a very strong will and when he fights us on something it can quickly escalate into a big drama. Not to mention he is physically very strong so if he is flinging his body around he can be hard to pick up and move. Somedays at home with the boys felt like I was continually rotating them in and out of time-out. Jude by far gets the most from how he will pick-on Toby. He sometimes gets into a mood where his sole focus is upsetting Toby. But then we have brilliant times during the day where Jude is 100% into being best friends with Toby and they are happily playing some made up game. I suppose it’s just the way with siblings.


img_2256img_2221A trying month at times for Mom and Dad but a good one for for Jude.

img_8155I must admit it felt pretty good to get Jude back at school after the two weeks. Even if it’s only 3.5 hours a day, it makes a big difference in my sanity and ability to cope them the rest of the day! My dear, sweet Jude, lets hope as you get older, you will begin to see things more from Mom’s point of view.


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