Jude: 44 Months Old

We had a strange month. Jude’s class was cancelled for a whole week as 3 kids in the class were sick. That week he was fine but later caught the nasty bug and had more time off school. It was nice hanging out solo with Jude. We would go for coffee and cake, check out all the Christmas decorations, and hang out at playgrounds.


img_0832He missed Toby a lot though as kept asking if it was time to pick him up from school. It was great when he was finally back at school again.


img_0926Not long after Jude was back at school Toby got sick and then three days later Jude got it too. Fever and a bad cough.


img_1400We had been gearing up for Christmas but Jude totally lost his enthusiasm for it. We had some friends over to bake cookies and he sat up and watched for a bit and then had to go lay down. Poor thing.

img_1434Thankfully Jude recovered in time to enjoy Christmas. A few days beforehand, Luke and Jude went on a tour of all the Christmas decorations around our neighbourhood. Taipei really does a great job with all the trees and lights.


Naps are still hit or miss with Jude. It takes a lot of work to get Jude calm so it usually means if I want to get him to nap I have to lay in bed with him and give up my lunch break. Even then he doesn’t always nap. Sometimes I snooze and he stays up reading. One day he must have been very tired as I left the room to get him milk and when I came back in I found him under a pillow. I thought he was hiding but he was fast asleep.

img_0957Jude has been getting really good at paying for things on his own. We will to 7-11 or the market and I let him grab whatever we agree on for his snack and then he will go up on his own and pay for it. I sometimes get sideways glances but people are mostly supportive of me encouraging his independence and understanding of how money works. We still have a lot to do on the earning it bit.

img_1762Jude also had his annual eye checkup for the condition he has called Browns Syndrome. Thankfully his vision is still perfect so no treatment is required at the moment. He won over all the nurses by using head nods to indicate left, right, up and down. He was doing it to make them laugh and sure enough he has a swarm of nurses around him.

img_1679Jude is certainly our little performer!



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