Toby: 26 Months Old

Toby is all about seizing the day.

img_0512He gets up and is ready to go. He is excited to go to school, or on any outing we pose to him.

img_0269Toby seems to fit right in with his classmates and I have even caught him speaking a little Chinese at home this month.

img_0265When I come to pick Toby up at Noon, his friends all call out in Chinese, “Toby! Your Momma is here!”. It’s so cute.

img_0264Toby has a patient nature and loves trying new things. He doesn’t get upset easily.

img_0270And he is all about doing things on his own. He often has his shoes on the wrong feet but we don’t care as he put them on himself. Undies are a little different as he usually ends up with two legs in one hole!

img_0276Toby has lovely brown eyes, very piercing when he looks at you.

img_0272Toby loves routine and is usually so good about following it (unless Jude and him are up to something). For example, as soon as he will finish his breakfast he will put his plate in the sink and run to the lounge as he knows it’s playtime. Puzzles are still hot on their radars.

img_0610Toby got out a lot on his bike this month. He is getting really fast and good at coasting.

img_0218He flys past Jude (who is slightly more hesitant on the bike) but we always wait for him up ahead.

img_0763It’s been fun taking them out for rides around the city. Crosswalks are scary so I try to minimise the number on our route if possible. This is a great loop near our house that includes an underground tunnel.

img_0767Our nap time issues were resolved once we started putting Jude in a seperate bedroom for nap time. He was keeping Toby awake, talking or singing and so we had many days where neither napped. Jude now has the option to nap if he wants but most days he just stays awake and reads on the guest room bed while Toby snoozes.

img_0171Toby has been starting to try vegetables a bit more which has been awesome. If we really encourage him he will very slowly chew through a piece of cucumber or broccoli. We will persevere.

img_0577Another great month for this superstar kid!




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