Jude: 43 Months Old

Jude is officially a cover boy. He did this shoot last winter and I just received the catalog, very cute to see.

img_0398He was asked back to model their Summer 2017 line.





img_0381It’s obvious he is very into taking pictures. In fact whenever he gets the chance he asks to borrow my phone and starts snapping away.

img_0634We’re continually amazed at just how outgoing he is. Jude managed to impress this poor kid’s parents and then they insisted 弟弟 let Jude ride with him.

img_0120Jude fights us most morning about going to school. It’s a long battle getting him dressed and out the door.

img_0277But when I pick him up he is all smiles and going about about all the fun he had. We put it down to three-year-old defiance.

img_0279The bad thing about school is how often kids are sick. I’m starting to lose track of all the days Jude has missed from being sick. Here he is after a trip to the Doctor’s for an ear infection.

img_0552Jude is just go,go,go until he crashes and when he crashes, he crashes hard.

img_0563And because these two are so good at sharing it means that when one gets something the other will usually get some version of it.

img_0044Every month gets better between these two. Jude has been getting really good at creating games and involving Toby in them.

img_0336Jude often instigates a situation. For example, in the photo below they raided the cooked pasta that was meant for their dinner on Jude’s suggestion.

img_0547Here’s another where Jude decided him and Toby should break into my folder of important documents and then wrestle on top of them.

img_0182We play with a lot of other kids at the playground and I’ve noticed that Jude will automatically gravitate to the oldest boy, leaving Toby behind. These boys are around 9 or so and can really kick a ball. Jude welcomes the challenge while Toby mopes around watching Jude until I engage him in our own soccer game.

img_0623Jude does seem to embrace being a big brother.img_0619

img_0158It’s been a hot summer here in Taipei and most days when we go out I find myself wishing I had a spare t-shirts to put on them. It was a hot, sweaty day at Jude’s friend’s 4th bday party last month. They’ve been friends since they were itty bitty babies so it has been cool to see them grow.


img_0710Jude is all about Christmas. Taipei has an impressive array of trees and decorations so we have been enjoying going for afternoon strolls to see it all.

img_0639You are so much work dear Jude but always so much fun.



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