Toby: 25 Months Old

This little cutie had a great month.

He continues to love going to school everyday. It’s been such an easy adjustment. Toby loves Wednesdays the most when him and his classmates get on a school bus and go somewhere for an outing.


They go to different parks and even once to the grocery store where they had to find different fruits and vegetables.

img_9905The whole school plus the parents went to a ecological farm together. Luke and I both went and really enjoyed getting to meet the boys’ friends and their parents.





img_9634Toby is always super proud of his work, he will carry it around the house until nap or bedtime.




img_9423At home the big obsession is puzzles. Before and after school, they are puzzle crazy.



We celebrated Halloween with a big party with friends. Jude was really sick then so Toby and I went along. He insisted on his PJ mask ‘Catboy’ costume. Jude would have gone as Gecko, and so I dressed up as Owlette.


img_9773We brought some goodies back for Jude and did a little trick or treat in the house for him.


Toby is really into moving his body. He loves music, singing and dancing. I love taking him down to the gym and letting him go wild in front of the big mirrors. So much cuteness.

img_9456He is still crazy about drawing and will happily (and very helpfully) sit at the table and draw while I prepare dinner.

img_9980The boys are getting bigger and stronger and can be quite rough with each other. They don’t stop, even after one gets hurt. They will be laughing so hard and shrieking chasing each other around until one tackles the other. I suggested pillow fighting as a potentially safer alternative. They loved it. I’ll have to reassess once one of them gets hurt.


img_9865Speaking of getting hurt, poor Toby had his face smashed up after my bike tipped over and fell into another bike. Poor Fella. Thankfully just a few scrapes but it was certainly a scary moment for the boys and I.


Toby, you are such a big kid now. We love all your funny little sayings, your big smile and how incredibly patient and sweet you are.

img_9664So far Two has started off great!



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