Jude: 41 Months Old

Jude was measured and weighed at school this month. He is 16kg (35lbs) and 97cm (38in).

img_9197He is changing a lot. He can relay such complex thoughts and sentence patterns now. He watches our mannerisms and copies them. And he is so hungry to understand how things work. I must get at least 500 questions a day from him. We are always talking.

img_9310At school he has been getting to do some awesome things, like cutting with knives and scissors, and so at home I have been letting him do the same.


img_9298Here is his work from school this month:

img_9090Jude is so keen to help me out with everything I do. I’m having a lot of trouble getting him to nap at the moment because he knows I do housework while they nap. So quite a few days this month he stayed up with me and baked, did dishes or laundry. One day I was really tired and I told him I needed a nap but he said he didn’t and wanted to play instead. After I woke up I found him in the playroom like this:

img_9221Jude is so curious about where we live, and where our extended family lives. He understands now that we have family in America and New Zealand and that we live in Taiwan for Luke’s job. He loves to ask me questions like, ‘What is daddy’s work’, or ‘why doesn’t our house have stairs like Grandma and Grandpa’s?’. He also always asks me to what a word means if he hears one he doesn’t understand.


img_9348Another thing Jude is getting the hang of is drawing. Here is his first drawing that resembled something! So proud!

img_9320Running is still one of Jude’s favourite things to do. He always wants to be the fastest.

img_8736We did a few swimming lessons this month and then Jude got sick so we had to take a break. But I was impressed how totally fearless he was sticking his head under water! Way too many mouthfuls of water!

img_8908Being sick was no fun but they both developed a deep love for the Minions.

img_9026These two are so thick. They fight a lot but are usually both to blame. I know its just a normal part of sibling hood. More and more I am leaving them to work out their own conflicts as a lot of it becomes about who can get Mom’s attention.

img_8694At the end of the day though, Jude can also make Toby laugh harder than anyone else. It’s pretty special.

img_8871We are so proud of our soon to be 3 and a half year old!


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