Toby: 22 Months Old

At the start of August Toby turned 22 Months old.

IMG_6702It was a big month for Toby as he became totally potty trained (even through the night).

IMG_6603And he moved into Jude’s room.

IMG_6599We had a few rough days of nap times at the start – mostly because they were excited but after while, they both adjusted and now we can’t imagine life with them in seperate rooms. It’s been a really nice.

IMG_6560Toby and I spent most of July trying to keep cool while Jude was at school in the morning.

IMG_6562We went to the usual playcenters.

IMG_6596And in between, ran errands.


Going anywhere was a lot harder this month with Toby. He wants to walk everywhere which is great except for when he no longer wants to walk and instead wants to be carried. Which results in this:


IMG_6713It’s too hot and he is too heavy. Thankfully on most of these occasions I brought the stroller along and so would have to wrestle or bribe him into it. I really hope this phase doesn’t last long.

IMG_7155Toby, you are challenge but a sweet one!


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