Jude: 39 Months Old

Way back in July Jude turned 39 Months Old.

IMG_6520After his ankle recovered  he was right back into it.

IMG_6721He had a fun-filled month of school as during the summer they have a special program filled with fun outings, swimming, music and cooking classes.





IMG_7056He would come home exhausted!

IMG_7047Jude had one modelling gig and it was probably the best ever. The clothes were easy to put on, the crew were relaxed and the only thing they asked was for him to be relaxed and have fun. Jude decided he wanted to be a super hero and so spent the shoot pretending to fight bad guys.





IMG_6646Toby wasn’t with us so I decided to take Jude out for a dinner date after.


It was at this McDonalds where he totally surprised me by taking himself to the bathroom all by himself. I watched him go into the handicap bathroom, lock the door and then after a minute come out with hands washed and all. I didn’t know he was capable of this big boy stuff!

IMG_6717It’s also been cool to see him totally engrossed in activities – like reading or doing puzzles. He can really focus for so long now. And Richard Scarry books are the best for this.

IMG_7172Your growing up so fast little man!


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