Toby: 21 Months Old

There’s something about Toby…

IMG_5739This little guy does his own thing and he has somehow managed to develop a bit of a cult status.

IMG_5754When we are out and about, we will hear people shouting, ‘TOBBBYYYY’ or simply, ‘Chang’.

IMG_5978He has this bizarre way about him where he draws people into him without necessarily being nice and people want more.

IMG_6226Luke’s theory is that because it’s so much work to win Toby’s affection, it feels much more valuable once you do.

IMG_6024And he has this serious face which can be impossible to get him to crack a smile. So maybe that’s why we all laugh a bit harder when something funny happens to him. Like the time the little car ran him over.

IMG_5897He hates  all vegetables, unless they are chopped up and in soup. So he eats soup at least once a day.

IMG_5895He loves breakfast and usually can’t wait to climb up into his seat in the morning. Scrambled eggs are his favourite.

IMG_6227Toby usually is really good about walking but this month he decided being carried or pushed in the stroller was the way to go. I had a sore neck for days after carrying him in the Ergo. I think our baby carrier days are about over.

IMG_6194He had a few nap times this month where he was restless and crying for us. One really bad time when he just wanted to lay on my chest. I eventually was able to transfer him down to the floor.

IMG_6278After a lot of consideration we decided to move Toby’s crib into Jude’s room. There is the odd nap time when they are both all worked up and take ages (and a million excuses) to fall asleep but in general its been working out. There is no going back now.

IMG_5807I took the boys to the zoo this month.

IMG_6029It was a super hot day so we headed inside to the aquatic and reptile centre. Toby loved the fish. He squatted by the tank watching them circle around for a good 20 minutes.

IMG_6018They also both loved the geckos, lizards, and iguanas (Jude is crazy about geckos and the colour green thanks to PJ Masks).

IMG_6019We started potty training Toby when Jude had his accident since we had to stay home so much. So far, so good. He wears pull ups for naps and bedtime and the rest of the time uses the potty. I think we will have some risks of accidents when we are out and he is distracted so I just need to keep constantly asking him for awhile.

IMG_5676It is going to be so great to have them both out of diapers.

IMG_5750Toby Chang, you are such an amazing little guy!




Jude: 38 Months Old

Jude had an awesome month right up until the end when he had another trip to the ER (which I’ll get to later). He’s been getting to do some many cool things at school, its great to see him flourish.

IMG_5872We were always worried about him not being able to speak Chinese but it hasn’t been an issue and in fact his teachers think he understands a lot of Chinese despite not being able to verbalise it all yet.

IMG_5597Everyday I pick Jude up and ask him what he did at school today and he responds, “just nothing.”

IMG_5875The school posts photos of what the kids do everyday on Facebook so I know he’s not doing ‘just nothing’.

IMG_5880Jude tells me he has lots of friends and he tells me their names (which he makes up probably because the Chinese names are too hard). One older girl has really taken a liking to Jude. He calls her ‘Juice’.






IMG_5876Kate was travelling a lot this month so we spent most of our afternoons hanging out with Jessica. Toby spends most mornings with her too as she’s not yet at school.

IMG_5775In Taiwan, swimming lessons for kids start around 3 years old. Our plan is to sign Jude up after he got settled in at school. I think he is ready now.

IMG_5767When Kate got back from her trip we only had one week with her before she left Taiwan for good.

IMG_5925The day before her last day, I took the boys to play at the 101 fountains.

It was a spur of the moment thing and we didn’t have anything with us – no towels, swimsuits, etc. On the way home, on my bike, Jude’s left foot came out of the foot rest and got wedged into the front wheel of my bike. I thought I was going over a stick and then came the screaming. I jumped off my bike, yanked his foot out, got Toby off the back and hailed a cab to the hospital. His foot was all bloody and misshapen. I thought it had to be broken for sure. I quickly made a call to Luke to meet us at the hospital and then my phone died. Both boys were soaking wet in their undies, wailing and I had nothing to distract them with. We got to the hospital, more screaming and crying as the Doctor cleaned the wound and had him take an x-ray. Miraculously, no breaks but tissue damage which caused his ankle to swell up to the size of a baseball. We grabbed Burger King for the taxi ride home and it turned out to be the best thing ever. Both exhausted boys sat and munched away. Jude had to have his ankle in a splint for 10 days and also had to stay home from school.

IMG_6091Toby of course wanted to be just like Jude so I wrapped his ankle up too.

IMG_6143Toby also helped give Jude sponge baths everynight since he couldn’t get the wound wet.

IMG_6160In addition to loads to TV they had loads of treats. Like frozen yogurt one day for lunch.



IMG_6165We had to carry Jude everywhere at first and then he eventually started crawling or hopping around to keep off his foot.

IMG_6172Here’s what it looked like a few days after the accident.

IMG_6072Of course we had to get out of the house and say goodbye to Kate, so we went over on her last day and had dinner with her and played.


IMG_6104I cried the most when we had to say goodbye. Jude and Toby were just like ‘see ya later’.

IMG_6112The rest of Jude’s week off I tried to keep him busy by baking with me or taking him for walks.

IMG_6081We also had a swimming party that week which must have been like torture for Jude as he couldn’t go in – he just sat on the side watching Toby splash around.

IMG_6179It was a relief when he started walking again and his wound was almost completely healed. He got right back into it.

IMG_6338What a month for Jude. Something I never ever imagined could happen did. It was such a scary moment for me as a parent, but I’m proud that I stayed really calm and quickly went through the steps of what we needed to do. I’m also really proud of Jude, he really was such a trooper and after all that is okay going on the bike again. Obviously, from now on making sure his feet are strapped in tight and that he is wearing shoes.