Toby: 20 Months Old

Here’s Toby at 20 months old trying to hide.

IMG_5253He is such a big boy now and has such a good time playing with Jude and other kids.

IMG_5081A big thing for both boys in May was getting to be in our friends’ wedding.

IMG_5217The were the flower boys and did an excellent job.

IMG_5238We knew Jude would be great at it but we were quite worried Toby would just freeze and run for us (like he did during the rehearsal). But when it came time they both walked out down the aisle very calm and cool. Toby didn’t throw any of his flowers but it didn’t matter as it was enough just having him walk. I was super proud of them as it was pretty full-on considering they were the first ones to walk out, the lights were turned out, there was a spot-light on them, music playing, and tons of strangers all around them.


It was a big day and so they both slept very well that night.


But, actually, Toby sleeps really well every night. He is so good about going to bed. After a few books we drop him right in the crib, say goodnight, and he does the rest.



IMG_5040When Toby is being cooperative he is so great. I take him all around in the mornings no problem.

IMG_5055We head to the wet market,


IMG_5491Coffee dates,

IMG_5063And to Costco,

IMG_4935He’s also been playing a lot with big sister Kate since she’s not at school yet.


IMG_4948At home Toby is also really good for me. I put some children’s songs on and he will play by himself while I do housework.

IMG_5095A new thing Toby has become obsessed with is showering. So most nights we now shower the boys.

IMG_4969Toby is still a really cuddly little guy. He loves physical contact. He saves his biggest and best hugs for Jude.

IMG_4980But Daddy is a close second. And on weekends, he doesn’t let Dad out of his sight.


IMG_5155Some funny things Toby has been saying this month, ‘Stop it guys’ (if we are doing something that annoys him), “my muscles” (as he holds his biceps up), singing ABC’s and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep” over and over on repeat, “get me!” (when he wants a turn at being tickled or lifted up). He can also now tell me when he likes something, “I like dog”, or when he doesn’t want something, “not this one”, or when something is his, “mine not yours”.

IMG_5017One of my favorite questions to ask him is “how are you, Toby?” as he always responds, “I’m good, Mommy.”.

IMG_5078He has been getting really good at imaginary play. He will point at a corner and say, “see monster, over there?” We say, “over there, Toby?”. Toby goes, “yeah, right there, seeeee?”. I say, “ohhh, I see him. Scary.”. Toby says, “Yeah, scary, Roooooaaaarrrr. Go away, Monster!”.  And he is so enthusiastic in his acting, his little mind is filled with so much already.

IMG_5263Toby got to do some modeling this month with Jude. Here are Toby’s individual photos:





IMG_5283It’s a lot more work getting Toby to smile than Jude. Toby doesn’t always warm up quickly or easily to new situations or people. His haircut this month was again a struggle.

IMG_5074Toby and Jude have been so close this month. I think because they miss each other during the morning so during the afternoon are keen to keen to hangout. They can really play well together when they both are cooperating.



IMG_5480When Toby’s in the mood he will happily play whatever game Jude has made up, or start up his own. But he certainly doesn’t always follow along with what Jude wants. Toby is very good at getting his way as everyone in our family has come to realize.

IMG_5410Toby certainly beats to the tune of his own drum.






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