Toby: 19 Months Old

Here’s Toby at 19 months:

IMG_4281He’s fast as lightning and a big talker. Toby has an opinion about everything!

IMG_4371It was a month of adjusting to Jude not being around in the mornings anymore.

IMG_4262The first day we dropped Jude off at school was the hardest. Toby was crying ‘me too school’ over and over. I took him to a playground to distract him but it was empty so he ended up whining more for Jude and Dad.

IMG_4618It’s gotten easier over the weeks as I keep Toby busy playing with friends or taking him for bike rides.

IMG_4470Toby is usually pretty good in public. He is super good at following directions so it’s easy for us to go out for coffee or shopping.

IMG_4816He’s not big on sitting in the stroller these days but will hold onto the stroller as we walk around.

IMG_4820And Toby certainly has come to enjoy his one-on-one time with me – lots of cuddles, singing and dancing. It’s nice to tailor games to his level – rather than Jude’s (as we usually do). I get Toby to help me with all the chores around the house. It’s made me remember how easy it is with just one kid.  Even when Toby throws big tantrums and makes a fuss it’s no biggie as its only one kid acting out. Two kids acting out is a lot harder to handle.

IMG_4428Our afternoons are nice as the boys have missed each other and really want to play together. We go on scooter rides to 7-11 for a snack,

IMG_4356Or bike rides around town to interesting places.


At school they really emphasis older kids helping out the younger ones so it’s nice to see Jude take the lead more with helping Toby out.

IMG_4810When they are getting along nicely, it really is the best.


IMG_4401Toby has been speaking in mini sentences. He can say things like ‘give me ball’, or ‘daddy do it’. He will non-stop ask questions like, ‘yogurt me, yeah?’ His ‘yeah’ is the cutest. He turns on his sweetest voice when he is asking for something. He has even started telling us when his diaper is dirty and will go lay down on the ground waiting to be changed. I still think he is a little while away from potty training but it’s good to see that he knows whats going on down there and communicate it to us.

IMG_4455Toby loves to sing songs. He will walk around humming or singing something to himself all day long. In the morning when he wakes up we can hear him singing in his crib. It’s very sweet.

IMG_4529Toby loves being with his friends but hates sharing. If a kids tries to take his ball at the playground, he will scoop it up and say, ‘no, mine’ and then start to roar at them until they run away. It’s hilarious to watch.

IMG_4489It’s still so crazy for me to think that not long ago these same kids were playing together while I was breastfeeding a very small newborn Toby on the bench.


IMG_4646It’s so much fun watching these two grow up.



IMG_4813We love you to bits and pieces, Toby.






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