Toby: 18 Months Old


IMG_3315Toby kicked off the month with a big chocolatey cupcake at a friend’s birthday party.

IMG_3029So much happiness in this photo.

IMG_3041Toby has a personality that is hard to explain- he has to be experienced to understand.

IMG_3178He seems much older than 18 months. For one, he talks more like a 2 year old. He also listens and understands so well. He wants to be included in everything (we hear ‘me’ and ‘my turn’ a lot from him). He also has this hilarious sense of humor. He uses his whole body to make us laugh.

IMG_3280He also tantrums more like a 2 year old. This one was actually because Luke and Jude went out to the store without him. He continues to be crazy about Dad and so when Luke is around has to be with him at all times otherwise this.

IMG_3283Toby is more cautious around strangers and in new situations than Jude. For example, Toby’s second haircut was a disaster. He cried and clung to me – not wanting to be left in the car chair alone. He warmed up half way through and was giggling at the lady but man can he make some noise and dish out some evil glares!

IMG_3618Towards the end of the month Grandma and Grandpa arrived! Toby eventually started calling them ‘Ama’ and ‘Andpa’. He doesn’t remember them like Jude does so he took awhile to warm up to them.   Lucky, they always have a suitcase full of presents as an icebreaker. Toby looooved the Magnatiles.

IMG_3632He also loved all the dinosaur tees and sunglasses.

IMG_3635So it didn’t take long for him to start holding their hands.

IMG_3636Ice cream also always helps as a way into Toby’s heart.

IMG_3640Cartoons do, too.

IMG_3697It was Easter when they arrived and they came prepared with loads of Easter Bunny treats. The boys loved finding their baskets and then all the eggs.


IMG_3715And getting to eat all the treats after.

IMG_3711The boys also loved baking an Easter cake. Toby was more focused on licking the batter than the actual baking part! IMG_3698Toby, you little rascal. You sure gave Ama and Andpa a good taste of your big personality. You somehow know how to exhaust us all but always keep us coming back for more. I’ll post more of our holiday adventures to Bali in my next post.


Jude: 35 Months Old

Jude is 35 months old!

IMG_3077We are enjoying spending time with Jude so much.

IMG_3213He continues to shine in pretty much anything he does. He’s funny and outgoing and can also be very, very stubborn.

IMG_3012This month he discovered a love for puzzles. We did this one over and over and over. The best moment is right after he puts the last piece in and stands back to see it. He put his hands behind his back, gives a huge smile and will say something like, “look at this, mommy, a fire engine!”.

IMG_3102Jude is a busy, busy boy so it’s cool to see something hold his attention.

IMG_3184Jude continues to be such a great help with Toby. The good moments far out number the not so nice ones.

IMG_3100On the odd occasion when they are separated Jude will ask me to go get Toby.

IMG_3432Jude will start 1/2 day preschool soon so it is going to be a big change for Toby not to have Jude around in the mornings to play with.

IMG_3606But we are excited for Jude as we think he is ready to start something new.

IMG_3435Speaking of changes, we just found out Kate and her family will be leaving Taiwan this June.

IMG_3318It’s going to be a tough goodbye.

IMG_3010Last month the boys helped celebrate Kate’s 3rd birthday.

IMG_3468It was Peppa Pig themed and the kids had a great time – especially with it came time to cut the cake.

IMG_3555Soon it will be Jude blowing out the candles on his cake! Luke and I are really enjoying the boys getting a bit older.

IMG_3603It’s also meant we’ve been able to get back into things we did pre-babies, like running. In March, we both ran 1/2 marathons. It felt so good to get back into it.

IMG_3406We plan to keep it up and who knows maybe one day Toby and Jude will run a race with us. I bought Jude some Nikes (just like Dads’) so he loves putting them on and going for runs. So cute!