Toby: 17 Months Old

Toby is now 17 months old! It’s amazing to think that I gave birth to him when Jude was 17 months old. Time has flown by.

IMG_2896Toby had a great month.

IMG_2817He made a lot of animal friends this month. He still goes crazy for any dog we ever see.

IMG_2401And a big treat was getting to hang out with this bunny, ‘Moon’, below. The boys got to pet, walk him and feed him their ice creams.

IMG_2949Toby is obsessed with Dad these days. He is always asking where Dad is when he’s at work and whenever Luke is around Toby clings to him and wants Dad to do everything with him. He cries if I try to put him down for a nap and if he gets a ‘boo-boo’ he runs right to Luke for a kiss. It’s very sweet.

IMG_2453Toby is super good at following instructions. I would say 90% of the time he complies with us and the other 10% of the time gives a firm, ‘No’ or throws a tantrum. But he really loves being helpful and receiving the positive praise that follows.

IMG_2535Toby enjoyed our playtime this month. He is getting right into role play and hanging out with older kids has meant that he picks up on the games pretty quickly.



IMG_2921Legos are still #1 fav toy.

IMG_2481They will tinker for hours together. We decided it was time to expand our set so bought an extra 160 some more Duplos.

IMG_2645Toby’s very close second fav would still be balls. Here he is with the newest addition to our ball collection.

IMG_2489Toby has gotten much better at dealing with Jude. He has calmed down a lot and isn’t so jumpy around Jude, when Jude roars at him. Toby now will say ‘dinosaur’ and let out a big roar right back at Jude.

IMG_2703The fighting over toys and other petty squabbles happen many time throughout the day. And somedays it snowballs and it can feel impossible to mend their relationship and get them back to playing together.

IMG_2885But when they finally get over their grievances and play together its great.



IMG_2873We got the boys balance bikes this month. They both went loopy when they saw them.

IMG_2686The weather has been pretty much non-stop rain with a few sunny days here and there. So on those sunny days I always get out with the boys for a ride.

IMG_2827It’s nice to have a new sport they can do together.

IMG_2848Another big thing this month was Toby moving out of his highchair and into Jude’s booster seat. We got Jude a new booster without a buckle so they were both pretty excited to have new big boy seats. And I am happy that we are starting to retire the baby stuff!

IMG_2676Toby is still the best eater ever and has even been getting much better about eating his veggies.

IMG_2729And no issues in the sleep department. He is a champ.

IMG_2629It’s been a fabulous month for our always chatting or singing or humming little guy. He gives the best and biggest hugs and kisses and we can’t get enough.


Jude: 34 Months Old

Jude is getting closer and closer to 3 and it no longer seems that crazy as he really does seem so grown-up.

IMG_2735Jude is very much into doing everything himself these days.

IMG_2625We are constantly having to do things over because we failed to let him do it himself the first time. It gets pretty tiring for us but we know its important for him to feel like he is a ‘big boy’.

IMG_2624He also really loves being first; first in line, first down the slide, first to get the cookie, etc.  His insistence can sometime cause some stressful situations on the playground but I’ve been working with him a lot on letting others go first to make them feel happy. He just loves to see his friends happy.

IMG_2672Jude is really into talking to Toby. It’s such a relief as a parent to see that the older child doesn’t ignore the younger. I can now tell Jude to take Toby to play in room and he will! It’s so amazing. He will go over and ask Toby to go with him and just like that Toby follows. They will sit and play now for ages and sometimes won’t let me join in. I am getting a lot more done around the house these days.

IMG_2720Of course it sometimes makes for another big mess to clean.

IMG_2677Jude is also really into policing Toby’s not so great behavior. Biting, hitting, whatever it is. Jude has my back and will tell Toby not to be naughty. Of course, there are still a lot of times when Jude is the one doing the bad behavior.


It’s so great that I can now ask Jude what happened and he can tell me. If Toby runs away from their play session crying, Jude will tell me things like; “I took Toby’s car, now he’s crying. I say ‘Sorry, Toby’ but he’s still crying.”


We love Jude’s sentences. He can string together some pretty adorable ones that make us laugh so hard.IMG_2785Jude loves helping me in the kitchen. He is constantly asking if he can help me make something. Lucky for him it was Valentines Day last month and so he got to help make cookies.


IMG_2461Jude and Kate are as tight as ever.

IMG_2613He is always asking for me to tell him stories about ‘Princess Kate and Prince Jude’.

IMG_2502I discovered Jude on Facebook yet again.


He is also all over this company’s website.


Jude is one cool little dude.

IMG_2433And he makes us smile and laugh so much each and every day.