Toby: 16 Months Old

It was a BIG month for this little guy.


At the start of the month, right after we returned from NZ, we weaned!


We decided to just go cold turkey and stop all breastfeeding. I was so worried that it would be a big drama but in fact, Toby totally accepted the change. Luke started putting him to sleep and giving him a sippy cup of milk before bed. We told him he’s a big boy just like Jude now and that was it – he was totally cool with it.

IMG_1921Yay! What a relief. It was great we kept it up this long but I was well and truly over it and I think Toby was ready to embrace being a big boy. IMG_2052Once we finished breast feeding, it felt like we really turned a new corner. Everything with Toby seemed to get easier. He started playing heaps with Jude with or without me being around.


He also started initiating play on his own- especially with Legos. This kid is obsessed with them much like how Jude was obsessed with cars and his train set at Toby’s age.

IMG_2172It is so cool to watch these two really start to play together.

IMG_2029As I mentioned, they are starting to have little conversations. Toby’s vocabulary exploded this month and keeps growing everyday. Some of my favorite new words of his: cookie, let’s go, night-night, please, thanks, balloon, wa wa (water), milk, this, there, cheese, banana, apple, spoon, bay bay (baby), helicopter, dinosaur, yogurt, bubbles. He is non-stop repeating us.


Toby also loves running through body parts. He is always pointing to and saying: nose, eyes, ears, mouth, belly, knees, etc. Him and Jude love to play doctor so I think this has helped Toby learn body parts.


Even with all these words his favorite by a long shot is ‘no’ (‘dinosaur’ and ‘roar’ are a close second). He is totally into defying us. I wonder where he picked this up from…

IMG_2373Toby’s ability to control his body has really improved. He can run fast. Really fast. He especially loves running away from us when its time to get dressed or change a diaper, yelling ‘no’ over and over.

IMG_1961Toby loves hanging out with friends. He is super kind on play dates  – always sharing toys (although as I know with Jude, this is just a phase!).

IMG_2037Like Jude, he’s super social and not shy in new situations.

IMG_2332He is so much more relaxed than he used to be and now he really loves going for car rides. The stroller is still hit or miss.

IMG_2231He continues to have a huge appetite. This kid really could eat all day long if I let him!

IMG_2068He loves to hit. He thinks its hilarious so we have really been working on this with him and have even starting giving real time-outs (albeit very short).

IMG_2069He had 8 new teeth pop through over the last 2 months! With it came some whiny days.

IMG_2306Something he would just cry and cry no matter what I did so I could only think it must be his teeth.

IMG_2307Toby still loves his cuddles.

IMG_2245He hugs Jude a lot more than us these days and it’s so sweet.

IMG_2106He has also started asking to have his ‘bo-bos’ kissed which is pretty adorable.

IMG_2222A big month for our busy little guy indeed! We love you Toby and all your crazy antics and facial expressions to go along with them!


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