Jude: 33 Months Old

Jude turned 33 months old at the end of last month.

IMG_2269It was a very ‘terrible twos’ month for us. Jude drove me pretty crazy – some days he would dish out naughty behavior left and right and then there were other days where he super helpful and compliant. I never knew what to expect.

IMG_1979We tried out a few new discipline techniques but nothing seems to work as well as time out.

IMG_2016The hard thing is that we know Jude knows what naughty behavior is (pushing, throwing toys, etc) but sometimes he gets so caught up in the moment and so passionate about getting a particular toy that he will land himself in time-out. We did make a few changes which I think have helped. We moved the time-out to another room. That way when he acts up we physically remove him from the room where he was playing. It means less attention from us and him being bored. We also stopped saying ‘Jude is naughty’, etc. If he hears this enough times maybe he will come to think, ‘yes, this is me – I’m a naughty boy’ and behave accordingly. We also are working a lot on telling him to ‘use his words’ when he is frustrated or angry. This causes him to calm down and explain why he wants to hit Toby.

IMG_2089Having said all this I do think his natural default is to be helpful and kind but the toddler emotions can be powerful and overwhelming at times. Towards the end of the month this behavior pretty much disappeared and he seems a lot calmer now. So he was probably just going through something.

IMG_2063Fueling the fire might have been his napping. This month he was skipping a lot of naps. It rained most of the month and so playtime was always inside. I think the lack of fresh air and running around contributed to him being not as tired as usual and so at nap time he still had a lot of energy to burn. Thankfully missed naps usually meant early to bed, where he will sleep soundly until is 7:30am (except for a 3am pee break).

IMG_2201Mealtime battles with Jude continue. Its exhausting as I am continually trying to negotiate with him to take a bite. He helps me cook and bake a lot which I thought would help. Sometimes it does, but most of the time I end up spoon feeding him as he will just ignore the food in front of him and chat/sing about something else.

IMG_2170Speaking of baking, Jude helped out with making the cake for my birthday which we celebrated in January. He devoured a few pieces of it so if I fed him cake at every meal we’d have no problems.

IMG_2059Jude continues to ask to see his best friend Kate everyday and we pretty much do. If he doesn’t her one day he will ask where she is and if we can go to her house.

IMG_1930Kate really is like a sister to Jude and Toby.

IMG_2277We are already so sad thinking about having to say goodbye to her one day when we leave Taiwan.

IMG_2193Speaking of siblings, these two keep me so busy. They have figured out the art of ganging up on me and Jude will coral Toby into whatever scheme he has come up with.

IMG_2179They are even beginning to start to talk together a bit. Toby can say enough words now where he can respond to Jude and Jude has noticed. He will ask him to fetch things for him or ask him to go and hide with him and Toby complies. It is so cute and funny when Jude asks him a question and Toby says ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We certainly have quite a noisy household with these chatty two around.

IMG_1963There are so many sweet moments throughout the day between these two. I upgraded my phone this month so I had more space to take pictures. I just can’t get enough.

IMG_2081Jude is still super into role play- he’s really into being an astronaut at the moment and making helmets and spaceships.


IMG_2203We’ve also started making up stories at night and telling them to him when he gets in bed. Speaking of stories, he is loving reading fairy tales which have been fun for us to revisit.

IMG_1884Luke and I love how Jude can express himself now. He will tell me I look pretty (while stroking my hair) or that daddy looks cute (before he leaves for work) and then will wish him a good day. Despite acting outing on occasion, we absolutely love this age and Jude has been such an amazing son to us and big brother to Toby.


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