Toby: 15 Months Old

I didn’t think it was possible for Toby to become even more of a character but he has. December was filled with ups and downs for Toby but mostly big ups as he keeps rolling out his larger than life personality.

IMG_1404The first order of business this month was Toby’s first haircut.

IMG_1438He was a champ throughout the whole thing and we were all so pleased with the result. Of course I made sure to save his little locks.


Another thing we did early in the month was introduce him to his new bestie, Samson, the baby doll. Jude sleeps with his baby doll, Nelson, and its been a great thing for sleeping in different beds or enacting some kind of role play (such as at the Doctor). We were hoping Toby would latch onto Samson so he would have something to comfort him (especially during our trip to NZ) and he did. Right away he started hugging him in his crib at night!

IMG_1478We also started giving Toby a sippy cup of milk before bed, like Jude. I knew we wouldn’t wean him until after NZ but there were a few nights I would be away from him so wanted him to get used to a substitute.

IMG_1453Speaking of these two – they continue to go from fighting to playing so nicely. They can be thick as thieves especially when it comes time to tormenting Mom!

IMG_1465Toby loves being around other kids  – right in the action. He is always asking to go outside my bringing us his shoes and saying ‘shoes’ over and over and until we put them on and then he will drag us around by our hands to the door.

IMG_1481Toby loved all the nature in New Zealand – running through the grass chasing birds, watching cows graze, or a family of quails scurry across Grandma’s driveway.

IMG_1558Last time we were in New Zealand, Toby was inside my belly so it was great to have him have his first official trip here. IMG_1535I was so looking forward to this trip as the boys are at such great ages.

IMG_1603But then Toby got sick. He got bronchiolitis.

IMG_1624I felt terrible for him – all the coughing and crying. Waking up all hours of the night and breastfeeding non-stop. He was so incredible clingy and whiny for about four days. It was exhausting.

IMG_1670Thankfully he recovered in time for Christmas (just before Jude got sick).

IMG_1694He had an awesome Christmas. He loved getting to play with his cousin, Cohen.

IMG_1706It was so great to see him healthy and happy again.

IMG_1738All of Luke’s family got a good idea of Toby’s personality. He can be so sweet one minute and then turn into this super stubborn, angry little man. He is also a little more cautious about who he lets into his inner circle. Whereas Jude just loves everyone. IMG_5538.jpg

In December we heard a raft of new words: door, book, bird, hand, done, no, down, wee!, and wow! featured a lot.

IMG_1791We did a lot of driving in cars in NZ and we had some good trips with Toby and some bad ones. He’s never been fond of the carseat so it took a lot of distraction and snacks to keep him happy. But there were some beautiful moments like the ones below where the screaming ceased and we had some quiet.

IMG_1638Toby also had a great time down in the South Island. He loved all the attention from our friends as well as getting to swim in the hot pools.

IMG_1804As Toby gets older everything is getting a lot easier. I don’t really miss the days when he was an itsy bitsy baby as he was so difficult. Now he makes us laugh, he can show or tell us what he wants and he still loves to cuddle. The first resolution of 2016 for us will be to wean him. I think we are both ready (me more than him) but it’s time!


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