Toby: 14 Months Old

At 14 months old Toby is running everywhere.

IMG_1153Like Jude, he had an awesome month with Grandma and Bampa.

IMG_0742He wasn’t smiles all month long as he had a ginormous top molar come through causing lots of drool and tears.

IMG_1142And the tantrums! He throws some pretty amazing ones already and thy just seem so cute compared to the ones Jude throws.

IMG_1341Toby has been really digging ride-on toys,

IMG_1262And dogs. He goes nutty whenever he sees one, shouting ‘DOG!’ over and over.

IMG_1275His vocabulary has been growing by the day. Here’s what he can say: mom, dada, moo, blue (for blueberries), Elmo, Jude, more, shoes, this, cheese, juice, banana, poo, baa, fish, Kate, is hot, and up. He also can nod his head really well for ‘yes’.

IMG_1295He is still our great eater and has even become more accepting of eggs, broccoli and cauliflower.

IMG_1301He is so good at telling us when he wants more of something.

IMG_1222Toby hasn’t been hitting Jude as much this month as previous ones. Still, most fighting occurs over wanting the same toy.

IMG_0544Toby is still breastfeeding three times a day – in the morning, before his nap and before bedtime. He sometimes asks for it more but I will give him cow’s milk instead.

IMG_0773Toby has a great big smile.

IMG_0884It was near impossible to get him to do that same smile at his modeling job this month but all the shots still turned out great.




IMG_0944Toby loves to hide under a blanket with Jude. Someone yells, ‘dinosaur’ and Toby will let out a big shriek and we will all hide under a blanket.

IMG_0561He also still loves to stand on his head,

IMG_1145And make us laugh all the time.

IMG_1143Dancing also remains at the top of his favorite things list.

IMG_1216As does doing whatever Jude is.

IMG_1229Toby continues to have an extremely stubborn personality but we love how he knows exactly what he wants.

IMG_1344Our little Toby has really blossomed this month.


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