Jude: 31 Months Old

Jude is 31 Months Old!

IMG_1200The highlight of his month was most certainly having Grandma and Bampa here. He continues to ask me everyday when they are coming back or if he can go on an airplane to see them.

IMG_0574At 31 months, Jude loves, loves, loves role-play. He loves role-playing pirates, monsters, dinosaurs, and firefighters,

IMG_1131He also loves pretending to be Dad – off to work he goes!

IMG_0480He jumps at any chance he gets to help out Mom and Dad. If the timing is right, I can manage a potential tantrum by engaging him in something helpful and getting him really, really excited about it.

IMG_1219I introduced him to glue this month. Look at that concentration…

IMG_1209He loves to try and defy us but is still very quick to get in line as soon as we begin our 5,4,3,2,1 countdown and tell him he will go into time-out. Most of his battles around eating and sleeping. He tries to demand the conditions under which he will do either of those things or invents new delay tactics. We always win.

IMG_0994Once in a while  I let him do ‘naughty’ stuff -like dumping baby powder all over the floor. The boys have so much fun together spreading it everywhere and its easily cleaned up with a quick mop.

IMG_1191Jude had a modeling job this month which he absolutely nailed.







IMG_1086Jude’s has sorted out how to correctly use, ‘you,’ ‘me,’ and ‘I’. He sounds so grown-up now when he talks. This month he started asking us if we were ‘having a good day’. He’s also really good at making us laugh by doing something we don’t expect. The other day he was sitting on the potty before bedtime and we weren’t chatting. He was just looking down at his knees when all of the sudden he put his hands over his face, looked up, moved his hands away and said, ‘Peek-a-booooo, Mom’ in a super exaggerated way with a huge smile. We both bust up laughing.

IMG_1282He’s still totally fearless and runs and jumps like he he knows exactly how its going to turn out. The other day he jumped off the couch onto the top of his play tent. He came crashing down on top of it on the floor with a big boom. I was expecting tears but instead he gets right up and proceeds to do it 10 more times. I can foresee many trips to the ER with these boys.

IMG_1283That’s our Jude!



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