Toby: 13 Months Old

Toby, our little toddler!

IMG_0078We have been having so much fun.

IMG_0465His cheeky little personality has really come out and he is a hoot.

IMG_9753At the start of the month he mastered climbing up on the couches. It was a proud moment.

IMG_0059But not without more mischief.

IMG_0417His busy little hands get him into lots of trouble.

IMG_0026House plants and toddlers don’t mix.

IMG_0164Toby still loves to do whatever Jude is doing.



IMG_9986Having an older brother like Jude has made Toby pretty fearless. He climbs over tree trunks, falls on his face but gets right back up and keeps going.

IMG_0319He is so active during the day and falls asleep so easily. It’s great.

IMG_0407Food is still one of his favorite things. He always finishes his meal (unless it contains broccoli or cauliflower).

IMG_9957And still insists on feeding himself (ugh, the mess…).

IMG_9737He’s figured out how to make us laugh.

IMG_0116He has a great belly laugh that comes out when he is having the time of his life.

IMG_0363One of his favorite things this month has been standing on his head. He will randomly put his head down and butt in the air and just hang out there for awhile.

IMG_0488Like Jude, Toby also loves diggers, cars, trucks and trains.

IMG_0310He will say ‘vroom, vroom’; over and over as he steers toy cars around the living room.

IMG_0019Toby, you little spunk. We love how you have really started to shine.


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