Toby: 13 Months Old

Toby, our little toddler!

IMG_0078We have been having so much fun.

IMG_0465His cheeky little personality has really come out and he is a hoot.

IMG_9753At the start of the month he mastered climbing up on the couches. It was a proud moment.

IMG_0059But not without more mischief.

IMG_0417His busy little hands get him into lots of trouble.

IMG_0026House plants and toddlers don’t mix.

IMG_0164Toby still loves to do whatever Jude is doing.



IMG_9986Having an older brother like Jude has made Toby pretty fearless. He climbs over tree trunks, falls on his face but gets right back up and keeps going.

IMG_0319He is so active during the day and falls asleep so easily. It’s great.

IMG_0407Food is still one of his favorite things. He always finishes his meal (unless it contains broccoli or cauliflower).

IMG_9957And still insists on feeding himself (ugh, the mess…).

IMG_9737He’s figured out how to make us laugh.

IMG_0116He has a great belly laugh that comes out when he is having the time of his life.

IMG_0363One of his favorite things this month has been standing on his head. He will randomly put his head down and butt in the air and just hang out there for awhile.

IMG_0488Like Jude, Toby also loves diggers, cars, trucks and trains.

IMG_0310He will say ‘vroom, vroom’; over and over as he steers toy cars around the living room.

IMG_0019Toby, you little spunk. We love how you have really started to shine.


Jude: 30 Months Old

Last month Jude turned two and a half years old!

IMG_9995Jude really, truly lives life to the fullest. He has so much energy – it’s impressive.

IMG_0170He’s a super fast runner. I just have to make sure I can always run faster.

IMG_0372He’s also totally fearless and is always keen to hold or touch whatever insect we find – no matter how creepy, crawly it is.

IMG_9715When Jude relaxes, he really relaxes. He really exhausts himself at the playground so when we get home he tends to crash. His sleep has also been so great recently. It can be a challenge actually getting him into bed (as he dishes out every delay tactic in the book) but once he is there, he will have solid, long sleeps.



I’ve been doing more and more things with the boys. We have good trips and bad trips out but thankfully no major public tantrums yet.

IMG_9731A lot of my friends think I am crazy for taking them both to Costco but it’s actually one of the easier places thanks to all the samples.

IMG_0469Jude is still totally into his friends. It’s so cute as now he can come home and tell Dad what he did that day- where we went, which friends he played with, and what we did.

IMG_9929The sibling bond certainly runs deeper than his friendships –  he cares for Toby in a different way but he is also way meaner to Toby than his friends. We’ve had a lot of incidents of Jude pushing Toby out of the way when he doesn’t want Toby to participate in a game with him.

IMG_9959But then we will do things like hiding in the play tent and calling out for Toby to come join him.

IMG_9884It’s complicated but I know deep down there is a lot of love.

IMG_9948One big difference between Jude at 2 and 2 and a half is his strength and ability to control his body. He’s quick but very sure-footed and easily navigates playground obstacles.

IMG_9899Jude continued to work his magic over crowds of Taiwanese this month. He really knows how to turn it on in front of a camera.

IMG_0149The days go by so fast with these two. I have such a hard time remembering what Jude was like when he was Toby’s age and thinking about what Toby will be like when he is Jude’s age.

IMG_9698We love these boys so much even though they drive us crazy.

IMG_0422Especially you, Jude.


Halloween 2015

This year I hosted my second ever Halloween Party. The first one I held was in 2013 when Jude was just a wee bub. Last year, I was up to my eyeballs with Toby  being just born so I skipped it. This year we managed to get 13 toddlers and a baby all dressed up and along to the party. I decorated the house a bit and spent several hours making 36 cupcakes (thanks Mom for the awesome cupcake decorations!). Jude went as a pirate (a Melissa and Doug dress-up costume) and Toby as Peter Pan (a DIY project). Here are some photos of the party.















IMG_0299The celebration was also in part a going away party for my friend who will be leaving Taipei to return to London. Our boys have been friends pretty much since birth.

IMG_0289The party was so much fun. It was amazing that we had all those toddlers in one space without any incidents. On Halloween Day, we dressed the boys up in matching shirts from Grandma and went walking around the neighborhood.


IMG_0505I tried so hard to get a nice of two in their shirts but its very, very difficult these days!


IMG_0504This one was the best of my attempts.