Toby’s 1st Birthday Celebrations

We had two birthday celebrations for Toby’s birthday. The first was for his playground buddies. We kept it very low-key. The most time consuming thing was making the cupcakes. I spent some time thinking about what to theme Toby’s cupcakes as for Jude’s 1st birthday I made him an Elmo cake. Toby doesn’t like any particular character or animal so there was nothing that really stood out. Then it struck me that Toby doesn’t need an icon because Toby IS his own icon. Toby has such a big personality – everyone has something to say about Toby and his ways. So I went and printed out photos of Toby for his cupcakes.

IMG_4996Everyone loved the cupcakes and toppers. Although, I had some comments that perhaps it should have been a photo of Toby crying!






IMG_9471We played and celebrated Toby for a few hours and even managed to get a few nice-ish group shots!



IMG_5148Right before we were about to Toby decided to shove about 9 grapes in his mouth. Lucky I noticed his cheeks looking bigger than usual. I gave them a squeeze and all the grapes came out in a big splat. It was the perfect ‘oh, Toby’ moment to finish off the party.

IMG_5154On Toby’s actual birthday we kicked off the day with McDonald’s pancakes. Both boys are crazy for them.

IMG_9540Later in the afternoon we had some friends round to play.

IMG_9557The kids had dinner while the parents had drinks.

IMG_9569And after we had cake. Again, the theme being Toby.

IMG_9556Jude helped blow out Toby’s candle and we dug in.

IMG_9574And after attempted more photos.


Toby and Mercy (who came up with his ‘Chang, Chang’ nickname).

IMG_9586Lastly, the four of us.


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