Toby: 1 Years Old

On October 3rd Toby turned 1 years old.

IMG_9680At 1 year, Toby weighs 12.7kgs (28lbs) and is 76cm (30inches) tall.

IMG_9685The past year was a roller coaster ride. From day one we could see Toby had a big personality. He has the biggest, loudest cries but also the biggest, loudest smiles. And the cuddles! Oh, he gives us a lot of love and affection all day long.

IMG_9014Like Jude, he’s not shy. He likes to be around people and his favorite place is to be is outside.

IMG_8979The first seven months were rough. He was a horrible sleeper but after some tough love sleep came easily. Thankfully he has always been a great eater. Watching Toby eat is a joyful experience. He loves the whole process from seeing whats on his plate to spooning the food into his mouth.

IMG_9275He always saves his biggest smiles for Jude. He loves his brother to bits. It has been an absolute joy for us watching their relationship develop over the past year.

IMG_9668Toby blew our minds as he mastered crawling and then walking sooner than we expected. Walking has been one of the best milestones as Toby loves exploring outside. He’s also so much happier with his new independence.

IMG_9132Toby’s day at 1 year looks something like this:

5:30am: I hear him starting to make noise on the monitor.

6am: He starts to really cry so I go get him, bring him into bed and feed him.

6:30am: Jude is up and him and Toby play in our bed together until we find the energy to get up.

7am: Toby feeds himself 1.5 bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios.

IMG_89037:30am: Toby and Jude play while Dad scrambles to get ready for work and I empty the dishwasher.

IMG_94519am: Toby is getting really cranky so I set Jude up with Peppa Pig and put Toby down for a nap (I feed him for 5 minutes using the Fisher Price seahorse as a timer). He cuddles up with his blankies and falls right to sleep.

9:30am: Toby is up and I get them ready to go to the market and then playground after. Toby fetches his shoes and sits by the door in anticipation.

11am: After the market and playground we come back home and the boys play while I make lunch. Toby sometimes will get cranky and start whining to be fed. I usually have to cave and feed him now as he won’t let me do anything else until I do.

11:30am: Toby and Jude have lunch and then play after lunch until nap time.

IMG_926212:30pm: I round up the boys in Jude’s room and read them stories. Toby has gotten really into books this past month but prefers board books and lift-the-flap ones to the longer storybooks Jude likes. I try to distract Toby while reading to Jude. We say ‘see you later’ to Jude and I bring Toby into his room, feed him for 5 minutes and then he goes down.

2:30pm: Both boys are up and grumpy. It’s takes a good 10 minutes for them to shake off their sleep. I eventually convince them that we should move to the kitchen to get a snack.

IMG_95133pm: I start the 20 minute process of getting them ready to go out to the playground for the afternoon. I have to wrestle with Toby on the floor as I change his diaper. He still hates diaper changes and fights it every time .

3:30pm: We arrive at the playground and Toby hits the ground running. He goes straight for the stairs, climbs up them and runs over the bridge, across another bridge and down the slide.

IMG_89425pm: We return home and Toby is tired and hungry. Before I can start cooking dinner Toby whines to be fed again. After I feed him he will play until dinner.

5:30pm: The boys eat. Toby always feeds himself but makes a huge mess while doing so.

6pm: We hear the front door open, so I let Toby down and he goes running to Dad. It is for sure one of the best parts of his day. He doesn’t come near me when Dad is around.

IMG_95386:30pm: Toby and Jude bathe together and then PJs and brush teeth.

IMG_91147pm: I nurse Toby one last time for the day, kiss him goodnight, and put him in his crib.

IMG_9526Toby, you really turned our world upside-down when you were born. It’s been a hard but incredibly rewarding year to watch you as you grow. We are amazed at everything you have achieved in your first year of life and are excited for your future as we all know it’s gonna be bright.

IMG_9288We love you Toby, Toby, Chang, Chang!




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