Toby: 11 Months Old

What a fun, busy month for my little walker.

IMG_8721Toby is loving his new freedom. He wanders around and gets into everything. He’s fast, too, and I can see it won’t be long until he is running. He sometimes tries and does this funny little skip.

IMG_8835Toby still loves to do whatever Jude is doing.IMG_8749He is also really crazy about toilet paper rolls and I often catch him pulling them off the shelf and playing with them on the floor – stacking, rolling, and biting them!

IMG_8206He had two more bottom teeth pop through this month, making for eight in total. His little chompers help him get through things like Ikea hotdogs!

IMG_8586It was the end of mango season this month so I gave Toby his last mango pit. It was a bittersweet moment.

IMG_8414Toby has stopped letting us spoon feed him and so I let him go for it. He feeds himself for every meal. It’s nice not to have to sit there spooning things into his mouth but the clean up afterwards is always pretty epic.

IMG_8638But he loves doing it himself so how could I say no to this sweet, chocolate pudding face?

IMG_8667Toby had his first trip to the ER this month when his fingers got slammed in the door by Jude. It was an accident but a very painful one for Toby. I rushed off to the hospital with him and after an x-ray we confirmed no broken bones.

IMG_8706We continued our post- ER visit tradition with a popsicle for the wounded.

IMG_8705Toby has kept up being a great sleeper. He’s been taking two naps a day and sleeping through the night. He will sometimes wake up around 5am but I never ever go and get him until at least 6am.

IMG_8409He is very good at showing us when he is tired by laying on the floor or cuddling a pillow.

IMG_8235He also loves playing the ‘pretend sleep’ game with Luke and Jude. We say ‘night, night’ and then everyone pretends to sleep until Jude shouts, ‘wake-up’ and we all jump up.

IMG_8447Toby still loves to play with balls.

IMG_8498He chases other kids around at the playground while they kick or throw a ball hoping to get in on the action.

IMG_8111This month we went to a new indoor playcenter and there Toby found his happy place in the ball pit.

IMG_8612He also really loved the dance floor and was up there trying to follow the moves.

IMG_8595I did my first bike ride with both boys this month. It was the quietest they have been in a long time – they loved just looking at all the sights. Toby especially loves ringing the bell.

IMG_8492Toby is quite the little chatterbox. He chases me around the house going, ‘ma, ma, ma’ over and over. He can say ‘Jude’, ‘Dad, ‘this’, and ‘shoes’. He also loves to shriek very, very loudly.

IMG_8431He is still a big cry baby. If Toby doesn’t get his way, he lets you know it- ‘wahhhhhhhh’!

IMG_8382This can make for a very long, exhausting day for me.

IMG_8756This explosion of tears  happens most often when we are at home alone (Jude, Toby and I) and so I try to get them outside as much as possible or have friends over.

IMG_8811Happy playing in mud,

IMG_8812And with friends.


IMG_8797Oh, Toby, you little sweetheart with a big personality!

IMG_8839You are a lot of work but so sweet and affectionate. IMG_8664

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