Toby: 10 Months Old

On August 3rd Toby tuned 10 months old.

IMG_7738He took his first steps sometime mid-July and after that spent weeks and weeks of practicing until he could do this:

IMG_8250He’s now walking around everywhere and a much happier little bunny.

IMG_7961Besides tons and tons of walking practice this month, we also saw his love of balls continue to grow. He loves to lay on top of our beach ball and roll over it. He is also crazy about fitting things inside of something so can sit for quite some time placing small balls in and out of containers.

IMG_7948He’s also still in love with anything Jude is. As soon as Jude starts playing with something Toby wants to too.

IMG_7896Toby’s love for food continues. He’d eat cookies all day long if I let him. This month he has been crazy about fruit, peas, corn, Honey Nut cheerios, french toast, pancakes, chicken nuggets, steak, yogurt, dumplings and tofu. Sadly, he does not like eggs unless they are all chopped up in fried rice. Eggs are such an easy food to make and have saved the day so many times when I didn’t know what to make with Jude. Hopefully he will come round!

IMG_7564Him being able to walk has made life easier in so many ways. Playrooms are so much more fun now that I don’t need to carry Toby around.

IMG_7821He loves hanging out with the big kids.

IMG_7940Our daily trips to the playground has also been more fun for him. Long gone are the days I would have to hold him while spotting Jude on the playground and then stick Toby in the Ergo for a feed. Thank goodness!

IMG_7990He loves to go up the stairs and down the slide over and over and over.

IMG_7758There was a period before he turned 10 months where he was alternating between crawling and walking and so I would put him in pants for the playground. I tend to just grab clothes in a hurry and not put much thought into how the separate pieces will come together. For this particular outfit, Toby, I apologize!

IMG_7695One day when we arrived at the playground there was a group of schoolkids there. When they saw Toby they all huddled around the stroller staring at him whispering ‘外國人寶寶’ (Western baby)。

IMG_7658Breastfeeding is still going strong. I am quite keen to end it but Toby is incredibly persistent.

IMG_7599After my Mom left in July, we had a few rough nights of cry-it-out, and then he was back to sleeping through the night. He goes to sleep around 7pm and I go fetch him for his first feed at 6am. He is usually up earlier, but will sit and play until I come.

IMG_8281Toby is a real snuggle bug. He loves to give kisses and hugs and will often just lay his head down on us. So sweet.

IMG_7964He gives me a lot of trouble throughout the day and really exhausts me but then just melts my heart with his adorable smile and a cuddle.

IMG_7666Toby is back to loving bath time again, thank goodness. He stands next to me as I fill up the bath lifting up his legs trying to hoist himself over. It’s nice to not have to rush through bath time again.

IMG_7708Toby is still happiest when Jude is around and playing with him. He joins right in on all the games – pretend sleeping, hide and seek, rocket blast-off and a recent favorite – scream-offs.

IMG_7604Luke and I feel so lucky to have these two.

IMG_7622Our days are so busy but we wouldn’t change a thing.

IMG_4694We are so happy to have been blessed with this 4th member of our family. He fits right in.


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