Jude: 27 Months Old

Jude surprises me every day with everything he can say and do now.

IMG_7631He can do everything solo on the playground. It’s made my life easier as Toby is now the one I need to spot on the stairs and slide.

IMG_7675He is still digging his crib and this month we got him a new duvet and pillow. He loves the process of laying down and then get tucked in. Jude also always insists on going to sleep with a book. It’s nice as in the morning we will often find him awake and reading.

IMG_7805Jude is all about his BF Kate. These two spend almost everyday playing. We did some fun things during the month like going to the pool and to a giant indoor playground.

IMG_8008They love to hold hands as they walk together. It’s so sweet. I love how they talk to each other too – so funny to listen in on their toddler conversations.

IMG_7916Jude and Toby are still doing just about everything together. Toby follows along after Jude (sometimes vice versa).

IMG_7533Jude has been involving Toby in his pretend play and Toby tries to keep up. It’s nice to see this level of interaction.

IMG_7731Jude is also awesome at sharing snacks with Toby. It’s been such a big help to me as I can buy a bit of time while they share a bowl of raisins.

IMG_7973They can play pretty rough some time but Toby seems to hold his own just fine. He squeals and roars with laughter whenever Jude jumps on him.

IMG_7982Toby did a lot of crying during July and Jude would always rush over and try to calm him down. ‘It’s okay, Toby, you’re okay’. And when I change Toby’s diaper (which he hates) Jude helps me to distract him or hold his hands.

IMG_7880Jude’s patience with Toby has really made my life so much easier when taking care of them together on my own. Toby is still taking a morning nap so it’s nice for Jude and I to have a little break and play something together that is a little more advanced.

IMG_7996Jude’s language ability and listening has helped so much with his behavior when we do errands together. He understands going to the market and supermarket and is really actually helpful when we do so. He can walk a good distance now too and won’t run off.

IMG_8079I love taking him on bike rides as we have conversations as we ride. He loves to point out everything he sees, ‘Look Mommy, a digger!’ He is so exited about everything he sees.

IMG_8080We’ve been doing some yoga at home and the boys love it. Jude is actually pretty good and has such determination to get the poses right.

IMG_8064Hands down his favorite things to do at the moment are dancing, singing, and playing hide and seek. He is really starting to get the concept of hiding, although it’s usually very, very obvious where he is.

IMG_7874What a great month, such a fun age.



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