Toby: 9 Months Old

At the start of July Toby turned 9 months old.

IMG_6989Like Jude he also had a fun filled month.

IMG_6474Before we left for the States, he did his first modeling shoot.

IMG_6570and spent a lot of time at the park.

IMG_6476He was pretty good with all the flying (thanks to breastfeeding) but refused to sleep in the bassinet.

IMG_6639_2Toby dug all the attention from Grandma and Grandpa.


IMG_6681He wasn’t at all shy about letting his true colors show and my parents quickly got sense of what a difficult, stubborn little guy he can be.

IMG_7455His wonderful sleep routine all went to custard in Ohio. He started waking 3 or 4 x a night and crying until he got fed. So most nights he would end up in my bed or with Grandma.

IMG_6686_2Naptimes were slightly better and improved once my Mom and I got into a routine of me feeding him and then her putting him down. But there were times where we had to use the Ergo method.

IMG_6707Toby’s ability to resist sleep despite being exhausted is impressive!

IMG_6975At the same time, it’s hard sometimes to imagine the little monster he can turn into. He is such a sweet, cuddly, happy guy when everything is going his way. He loves to play and be around everyone.

IMG_7424I decided the sleep regression was most certainly because of all the changes around him. Toby likes things very routine and comfortable. He has also been going through a lot of physical changes – like standing on his own and furniture walking.


IMG_6930His talking really started taking off in the States. He would mumble ‘Dadda, dada’ over and over. He has a very loud voice that bellows – he makes sure he is heard when he has something to say.

IMG_6984He loved all the treats at Grandma and Grandpa’s house – hotdogs, ice cream, cupcakes, and donuts were his favorites.



IMG_7005 Like Jude, he was also crazy about Oz kitty.

IMG_6961Play dates with Cousin Robby were the best. So adorable seeing the three cousins together.

IMG_6848Toby also got to swim in Robby’s pool, although he seemed happier to sit on the side and watch everyone splash around then do so himself.

IMG_6835Aunty Natalie was such a big help with Toby.

IMG_6855She really knows how to handle him. She tirelessly helped with putting him to sleep as well as getting him used to the stroller, shopping carts and carseat. No matter how much he whined and cried, Nat would not pick him up! It was impressive!

IMG_6903Toby got to swing for the first time in Ohio and really enjoyed it.


IMG_7059Oh, Toby, you keep us on our toes – always growing and changing! We all love you so much. IMG_7240








Jude: 26 Months Old

Jude started the month off as a Fireman,

IMG_6394And then did some toddler modeling,


Rode a train with Dad,

IMG_6513Attended a friend’s birthday party,


IMG_6541And as if his month couldn’t get any more awesome he flew to my parent’s house in Ohio.

IMG_6760At 26 months, Jude is a total chatterbox with a big personality. He loves to get right into things and really experience life firsthand!

IMG_7079His car and truck obsession continues and while in the States he got to see a garbage truck in person for the first time ever.

IMG_6882He’s a super active kid – loves running,  jumping, rolling, dancing, and chasing or being chased. He will often yell out ‘Daddy, chase’a me!’.

IMG_7282The Jude that once would eat anything has disappeared and he has become a picky toddler. Mealtime can be a battle most days with him, which I am hoping is just a passing phase. I have noticed that he eats much better when involved in the cooking process, when he has some choice over what he eats, or when he gets to serve himself. Still, there are a lot of things I can get him to eat without any struggle: french toast, egg sandwiches, chicken nuggets, french fries, and edamame. He loves fruit, which is great but I usually have to sneak cooked vegetables past him by cutting them up really small and mixing them in something like fried rice. In the States, we supplemented his diet with lots and lots of ice cream.

IMG_7443Every month Jude becomes a better big brother to Toby. He has finally started consistently calling him by name. He is always quick to try and comfort Toby whenever he is upset. And recently he has begun to do silly things to make Toby laugh. He has also made a few attempts at fun tackles with Toby. To their disappointment I sweep in and rescue Toby before things get crazy but I can see it won’t be long before they are rolling around the floor wrestling each other.

IMG_7346While in Ohio, Jude fell madly in love with my parent’s cat, Oz. I used to find him so annoying as he is a cat that always needs to be in your face – sitting on top of the newspaper you are trying to read, or on the counter while you are trying to cook. But I changed my view of him after seeing how awesome he was with Jude, and how tolerant he was of Jude laying on top of him and attempting to pick him up.


IMG_6950The first thing Jude would ask for when he woke up in Ohio was to see Grandpa. Jude just wanted to do whatever Grandpa was doing.

IMG_6670He especially loved watching TV with Grandpa, on Grandpa’s giant TV.

IMG_7092Ohio is super green in the summer and my parents have the perfect yard to enjoy nature. Jude is a great age for it too. Everyday we went out exploring – down at the pond looking for frogs, snakes in the grass, birds and more.

IMG_6893Jude and Grandma went out one morning to a pet shop and bought new fish for the pond. IMG_7427Jude even got to ‘swim’ in the little creek that flows into the pond.

IMG_6992It rained on and off when we first arrived and so he got to do a lot of puddle jumping (just like Peppa Pig).


Defiance is a theme my friends with two year olds and I are often talking about. It seems to be the age when they are constantly testing the boundaries. Jude will countless number of times a day. I just try my best to repeat the rules and same messages over and over ad nauseam. I find that (when he is not in the mood to defy me) Jude actually really likes following rules. In fact, he will get upset if I do something that does goes against whatever he thought the rule was. For example, if I don’t take my shoes off right away when I walk in the door, he will say ‘Mommy, shoes off’.

IMG_6794He also really likes routine and for things to be predictable. Traveling was rough on him. He acted up a lot as a result of all the moving around, new environments and different faces. It was hard getting him used to a new crib to sleep in, too.

IMG_6776In Ohio, he was always trying to sit in the driver’s seat of my parents’ car. He would kick and scream, ‘drive car, drive car’ whenever we put him in his carseat. I would just repeat to him that he can drive when he turned 16 and then we would count from 2 to 16. Poor kid doesn’t realize just how long of a wait he really has!

IMG_6860Luke and I will often lay in bed at night and recount the silly, awesome things Jude will say or do.

IMG_6981What a great month it was.