Toby: 8 Months Old

On June 3rd Toby turned 8 months old.

IMG_5949He’s in the 100th percentile for weight and 97th for height in his age group!

IMG_5717He’s had a great month crawling all around. And he’s gotten really fast!

IMG_5664He has also perfected his standing position and has started furniture walking.

IMG_5886He gets steadier by the day but I still like to keep close as he has had some big spills.

IMG_6253This month he’s  been all about high fives, clapping, and dancing.

IMG_6209He loves food and is pretty much eating whatever Jude is. This makes mealtime a lot simpler for me!

IMG_5683He has eaten just about anything I have given him except for papaya. Both the boys hate papaya. I can’t say I like it much either, but its super healthy and so cheap here!

IMG_6377Most nights he is sleeping from 7pm-6am but maybe once a week he will wake up in the middle of the night and the only way to settle him is with a feed.

IMG_6221His morning and later afternoon  naps are still on me in the ergo. His lunchtime one is in his crib.

IMG_5682He’s really heavy to carry around but there is nothing sweeter than this view.

IMG_5605Luke and I had a night away for his birthday and while we were gone Toby finally gave in and took the bottle!

IMG_5927Toby is a happy monkey for 50% of the day,

IMG_6355And for the other 50% whining and crying.

IMG_6360He needs me a lot. He will crawl over to me crying and stand up on my legs until I pick him up. And as I have said before, when it rains, it pours with Toby.

IMG_6329He’s at his happiest when he’s with Jude horsing around.

IMG_6124Jude is really patient and caring with Toby and I think Toby picks up on that.

IMG_6247When Jude isn’t at home Toby will cry and whine but as soon as he is back, he is happy again.
It’s so cute when Toby crawls over and kinda throws himself forward onto Jude – just like he has seen Jude do to Luke.

IMG_6348One of the best parts of the day (besides when they both nap at the same time) is when Dad comes home. They both hustle to the door and shriek in excitement.

IMG_5666It’s really so hard to believe our cuddly little Toby is 8 months already!



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