Toby: 7 Months Old

At the start of this month Toby turned 7 months old. He’s now weighing in at 24lbs (11kgs) and 29inches (73.2cm).

IMG_5181_2A few days after his 7 month bday, and after weeks of practicing,

IMG_5494Toby started crawling (here he is post-crawl, thinking ‘what was that thing I just did?’)

IMG_5593Him being on the move has opened up a new world of trouble for Jude. Toby wants to be involved in EVERYTHING Jude is doing. Previously I had control over Toby’s access to Jude but now Toby decides. Jude has been surprisingly pretty good about having his long-labored train tracks ripped apart in 3 second by Toby, or his food swiped out from under his nose (like Toby did to his carrot in the photo below shortly after this was taken).

IMG_5132Toby has also started pulling himself up and so we had to drop the crib mattress.

IMG_5579Speaking of sleep, after Hawaii we had a hellish few weeks of sleep and I decided enough was enough. Luke and I mapped out a plan to sleep train him and after a few days or so he started sleeping through the night (7pm-5am). It has been amazing. We’ve had the odd night where he has woken at 11pm or 3am very unsettled (always resulting in a feeding) but for the most part he has accepted the new rules.

IMG_4779He still is napping three times a day, 9:30am, 12pm, and 4pm. The noon one is the only one in the crib. The other two are on me in the Ergo while we are outside at the market or playground. The thing I haven’t been able to break is nursing him to sleep, for all his sleeps. Even in the Ergo, he will kick and scream and claw at my shirt until I feed him (using my nursing cover).

IMG_5086This month also brought 4 new teeth (all on top), making for 6 in total. Looking back it probably wasn’t the best time to sleep train, but there never seems to be a good time. Anyhow, his new chompers have given him more access to interesting foods. He is nutty for bread, so we give him a lot french toast, bagels, and marmite on toast. He also really loves mangos and will cry if he sees one until I give him some. I give him the pit and he will happily suck on it until it slips out of his hands and screams and cries until I return it to him.

IMG_5567Before his teeth came in we started him on a sippy cup of water with meals, but then after they came in, he somehow forgot how to suck so now we spoon him water out of a bowl. I wonder if this is part of his bottle/pacifier protest – refusing to get liquid from any nipple except mine!

IMG_5541Toby is certainly a sweet little guy but with a very strong-will.

IMG_4936He knows what he wants and won’t rest until he gets it.

IMG_5102_2He’s gotten better about sitting in the stroller and now seems to really enjoy watching the cars go by.

IMG_5532But, still, as soon as he sees one of us strap an Ergo around our waists, he starts bouncing up and down in excitement as he knows he is going to get to ride on us.

IMG_5044He’s a really cuddly little guy – more than I ever remember Jude being at his age. He will sometimes just lay his head against our chests or on pillows and just take a little break. It’s very sweet.

IMG_5462Toby’s been enjoying going on play dates with Jude and his friends. We visited a few sandpits this month.

IMG_5524Toby ate several fistfuls of sand each time.

IMG_4982Jude’s friends, especially girlfriends, just love Toby. They always ask to hold him. I find it kind of funny as Toby is as big, if not bigger than some of them!

IMG_4985At home I’ve been trying a few sensory activities the boys can do together. Uncooked oatmeal is something I often throw in a bowl on the kitchen floor and let them mix and pour it. Toby loved it! Jude usually gets bored after five minutes and so I will throw chocolate chips in with the oatmeal and he will meticulously pick out and eat each one. This can buy me another ten minutes!

IMG_5587It can be a long, exhausting day with them but I do love seeing them play in new ways together.









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