Toby: Six Months Old

Toby turned 6 months old on April 3rd and weighed in at 23lbs (10.8kgs) and 27.6inches (70cm). IMG_4950Like his big brother, he also had a great month in Hawaii. IMG_4204He’s been eating 3 meals a day and totally digging food. IMG_3965The trip was particularly special as he got to meet his cousin, Robby, who is just a few months older. It was great to get them together while they are babies. IMG_3824They were too cute hanging out in matching highchairs sucking on fruit in their food nets. IMG_3913They got to splash around in the pool together, too. They both really liked the water. IMG_3867The photos of them together are classic – it will be really fun for them to see when they are both older. IMG_3890Toby travelled pretty well. Babies adjust so much faster than toddlers. His sleep didn’t change much  – he just continued with his constant night time wakings. IMG_3807He is still not keen on the pacifier but one very fussy night (when Grandma and Grandpa were babysitting) Grandma managed to get him to take it. But he still refused to go back to sleep for her! IMG_3951We hoped all the daytime activity would have worn Toby out but it wasn’t so. He’s a strong-willed little guy. IMG_4093But, thankfully, for most of the day he is smiling and happy. IMG_4330The exceptions being around bedtime and when getting him dressed or undressed. Grandma and Grandpa had just finished getting him dressed in the photo below. IMG_4025I should mention something amazing. There is one other person who was successful in getting Toby to sleep besides me…Aunt Natalie. She really has a magic touch with babies. I don’t know how she did it but our second week in Ko’olina I would feed Toby and then pass him to Natalie who would then get him to sleep in the pack and play…incredible! IMG_4220It made us all very happy to know he could sleep on his own again. IMG_4145Another special person in Toby’s life is of course Jude. Toby’s love for Jude is really starting to come out. He lights up when he sees Jude and is always so interested in what Jude is doing. IMG_4129Something my family all noticed was just how noisy Toby is – he talks and makes noises all the time, and can be very, very loud. IMG_3974He’s certainly not a quiet, reserved #2! IMG_4042Toby slept better than Jude on the trip home and was back on his normal nap schedule the same day. IMG_4458A day or so after we returned Toby started sitting up on his own without support. It’s been a really exciting milestone as he is now much happier to sit and play on his own for long stretches of time. IMG_4626It’s also meant that he can now take baths in the tub with Jude without one of us or the baby tub. IMG_4681Toby sitting up has also made Jude see him a bit differently. Jude has been making attempts at playing with Toby by handing him cars or throwing balls to him. IMG_4729Oh Toby, you are such a sweetie even though you keep us up all night! IMG_4573

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