Toby – Five Months Old

Toby is 5 months old!

IMG_3150We had a trip to the doctor’s this month and he weighed in at 18.9lbs and 26.6inches tall.


It’s been a challenging month – lots of tears were shed. His extreme fussiness now makes sense as he was going through a lot of changes.

First teeth:

IMG_3675Then he started scooting around:

IMG_3654Sleep has been really rough. He still hates the idea of his crib as well as any one else trying to put him to sleep except for me. It’s been exhausting!

IMG_3721Some fun times have come out of all these changes like starting on solids!

IMG_3628We tried baby rice cereal and breast milk first with great success. Then we tried apples, but they were way too tart!


IMG_3635Once we found some sweeter apples, he was right into it.

IMG_3653We certainly love that he can sit up at the table with us now at mealtimes and eat along.

IMG_3254Toby is crazy about his big brother. He loves watching him – everything Jude does is interesting to him.

IMG_3744He especially loves taking a bath with Jude. He laughs hysterically as Jude plays with his cars and splashes around.

IMG_3639Toby has been a challenge this month but we know it will pass and these difficult baby days will be over in no time.


We love him to bits – especially his chunky little legs,

IMG_3690 and infectious laugh and smile.


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