Jude: 22 Months Old

Jude turned 22 months old on February 28th. The start of the month was a good one for him as first he got a digger and then a dump truck.

IMG_3306We found the digger at our local wet market for $3 and the dump truck was a Costco splurge. They have proven to be great purchases, providing Jude with endless hours of happiness over the past month.

IMG_3422Jude’s had a good month. He spent a lot of it outside playing. Most days, shortly after breakfast, he will ask to go outside and then stand at the door with several of his ‘vroom vrooms’ waiting to go. It is some time a real battle to convince him that he only needs one.

IMG_2744He will sometimes even stick a few in my bag, and then ask for them when we are out, which always makes me laugh.

IMG_3209At the start of the month we went to the sandpit a lot. It’s close to home and never too crowded. The hard part is that it always ends up being a lesson in sharing as kids spy other awesome toys and want them. This month was the first time I saw Jude assume possession over his toys. He was not keen to let any other kid play with his cars and would let them know by clutching them close to his chest and saying ‘no’.

IMG_2935His talking and following directions has meant that we have been able to avoid a lot meltdowns but they still happen, especially when over he’s over-tired.

IMG_2903But, he’s been overwhelmingly helpful about so many things. He has started lying down on the ground as soon as we say we will change his diaper.

IMG_2970We both really love our one-on-one time with Jude. He’s so interested in everything and we can have sorta conversations together.


IMG_3444He’s still a very independent little guy, keen to take the lead and explore.



We no longer have any tough times with Jude because of Toby. He has completely accepted Toby.

IMG_3312The funny thing is that since birth he has been calling Toby ‘baby’. He can say Toby but refuses to call him it for whatever reason.

IMG_3309Toby being more aware and active has helped a lot. All of the sudden he can scoot around, grab Jude’s toys, and sit at the table and eat with him. This has made him a lot more interesting to Jude.

IMG_3148At the start of the month I bought a new double stroller, second-hand. The other one I bought just wasn’t working out for Toby as the seat didn’t recline all the way back. This one is much more comfortable and versatile for us.

IMG_2992Our Jude is growing up so fast. He’s a little sponge soaking up new things each day.



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