Toby: 4 Months Old

Earlier this month Toby turned 4 month old!

IMG_2584He had a check-up and weighed in at a very healthy weight of 18.9lbs (8.6kgs) and height of 26.6in(67.5cm). He’s in the 98th percentile for weight and head circumference and 97th percentile for height. He is wearing Jude’s 7-9 month clothes… he’s a big boy!

IMG_3024He’s been a big, happy boy for most of the month. This month we saw a big change in him as he began interacting on a whole new level. He laughs at us doing funny things, plays with his toys and really wants to be entertained!

IMG_2293He’s not super duper active (like Jude was) but he has him moments – especially when I m trying to change his diaper. He will wiggle and kick and try to grab his toes making it difficult to get the diaper on.  Toby is a big talker – he always seems to be making some noise or chatting to us or his toys.

IMG_2912The first half of the month, he was going down to sleep in his crib like a champ. Then it became impossible. Luke and I would take turns over the course of the evening trying to settle him in his crib but would usually end up with him in the Ergo or with me feeding him to sleep on the bed for his first big sleep of the night (ideally 7-11pm). I’ve still got him in bed with me during the night (from 11pm on) which is easier for me with breastfeeding. We certainly have good nights and not so good ones. The good ones are when he wakes up, feeds, and then falls right back to sleep. The not so good ones are when he stays up after a feeding, usually for an hour before falling back asleep. It can be really painful at 2 or 3 am especially as he wakes up at 5 or 6am for good. At 6am I drop him in Luke’s bed and go back to sleep for an hour. Luke takes him out on for a walk and if we are lucky, he will fall asleep until they return home.

IMG_2732His daytime napping isn’t happening in the crib either – I’ve been timing outings to the park with Jude around Toby’s morning and afternoon naps. This works out super well for all of us. His noontime nap always ends up being in my bed with me feeding him to sleep. For now, we are just rolling with it as we know how often babies change over the course of the first year.

IMG_2612On days our nanny comes, I take turns having one-on-one time with either boy. Toby and I will usually go and get groceries or pay bills.

IMG_2463Toby usually sleeps but sometimes he is wide awake which is also fun.

IMG_2703Toby still 98% of the time will refuse the pacifier, but for the 2% of times when he takes it, it’s the best. He will nap happily in the stroller instead of in the Ergo breastfeeding while we go out. I keep trying with the pacifier, hoping he will learn to love it!

IMG_2149Everyday we are at the park next door to us to burn off some toddler energy. It’s great as we usually know who will be there and when so there are always friends around happy to hold Toby while I chase after Jude.

IMG_2320These ladies come every afternoon at 2:30 until 4pm and are happy to hold Toby the entire time!

IMG_2506It’s become so much easier managing both boys. I feel like I’ve got pretty good routines and systems in place for dealing with the touchy spots throughout the day. Toddler tantrums can still come on at the littlest thing but it’s easier now that Toby is bigger and more patient. He will look at Jude with raised eyebrows and I can imagine he is thinking ‘what’s wrong with you?’.

IMG_2259It’s funny as we often have Jude’s friends over to play and they love coming here as they love the baby! They will circle around him taking turns touching his hands and rocking him. Jude sometimes gets a bit possessive and will hug Toby as if to say, ‘he’s my baby’.

IMG_2968Toby’s crazy crying is pretty much a thing of the past – I think we only had one really bad episode last month. After searching the web and thinking a lot about him symptoms, I suspect he may have reflux.

IMG_2487Another fun month watching my boys grow up.

IMG_2596And we are excited to see what next month brings.


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