Aunt Natalie

At the end of December we had yet another special visitor. Aunt Natalie came and stayed with us for Christmas and New Years.

IMG_1468She arrived early in the morning so Jude had a great morning as she came with a suitcase full of goodies for the boys.

IMG_1475Despite all the cool stuff, his favorite was by far a little airplane Natalie picked up at the airport.

IMG_1478Natalie got right into our daily routine. Jude just loves his Aunt Natalie so he was all about hanging out with her.

IMG_1498And every morning, without fail, he was mooching off her breakfast.

IMG_1509She even taught him how to use watercolors and so he painted her a masterpiece for her fridge.

IMG_1952Toby also fell in love with Natalie. She was so patient with helping put him to sleep.

IMG_1535And when he got a sore tummy there’s nothing better than having an Osteopath-in-training around for belly rubs.

IMG_1817These boys are lucky to have so many awesome Aunties.

IMG_1547We did some outings with both boys too – like to Playspace,

IMG_1573And TGIFridays for beer and fries and NZ Natural for ice cream.

IMG_1718On Christmas Eve we decided to skip cooking and ordered in pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.

IMG_1603We played card games and wrapped presents. It was so nice to have family with us to celebrate.

IMG_1605Nat and I went on some sister dates  -we tried our a few yummy vegetarian places.


IMG_1809Since Luke had the week of work, he was also able to do some fun stuff. Him and Nat went to the National Palace Museum one afternoon and then to the movies to see ‘Intersellar’.

IMG_1715With Luke at home we were able to fit sister workouts in during lunch breaks.

IMG_1688As the week wore on we were all pretty tired. Jude was sick too, so we camped out at home.

IMG_1779One afternoon we downloaded Disney’s Planes. It was Jude’s first movie and we watched it in 20 min intervals as that’s how long it would take Jude to get bored and want to do something else.

IMG_1722For New Years, we were invited to a party at our friends’ house. Nat and I made some food to bring – a pecan pie and vegetarian salad. Below, Natalie is pictured shredding a carrot for the salad. No big deal, right? Wrong! This is the FIRST time Natalie has ever shredded a carrot! I couldn’t believe it…but apparently she has never made carrot cake and in her salads she prefers diced carrots.

IMG_1881Before the evening’s festivities, we tucked the boys in bed,

IMG_1879And popped a bottle of bubbles to toast the end of a great year.

IMG_1885The party was fun – loads of food, drinks, and people.

IMG_1895I left early to relieve the babysitter but Nat and Luke stayed on and watched the 101 fireworks off the top of our friends’ roof. Thankfully Luke took a video as I passed out as soon as I got home and missed them. They were really spectacular.

IMG_1896The next morning we booked in for brunch at Woolloomooloo.


IMG_1926That night was Nat’s last in Taipei so her and I hit the town one final time. We went to Tonghua Street night market where we feasted on street food.

IMG_1961And then to the 101 food court for tofu pudding dessert.


IMG_1962Her flight didn’t leave until late Friday night so we got to do one last outing. We went to Songshan Airport to watch airplanes – one of Jude’s most favorite things to do at the moment.


IMG_1989We took one last group shot before the boys’  bedtime.

IMG_1992And Nat helped rock Toby to sleep one last time before we left for the airport.

IMG_1915We had dinner together and said a sad ‘bye bye’.

IMG_1994We had such a great time and are so thankful for all of Nat’s help! We hope to see her back again in Taipei soon!



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