Toby: 3 Months Old

Toby is 3 months old already! I won’t have him weighed until next month but I know for sure he’s big! He fits pretty comfortably into 6 month clothing!

IMG_1846A happy, easy-going, smiley baby has replaced our red-faced, crying newborn.

IMG_2041He is such a sweetheart.

IMG_1313We are all addicted to kissing his adorable cheeks.

IMG_1073He marked his 3 month bday by rolling from his tummy to his back! It surprised us all.

IMG_2071Toby is still sleeping in bed with me at night and waking 2-3 times to eat. Fun for him but not for me.

IMG_2006He does his first big sleep of the night (6:30-10pm) in his crib but lately he’s been ending up on one of us around 9pm.

IMG_1972He takes 3 naps during the day, 2 of which are usually in his crib, ergo or the stroller.

IMG_1515The last nap is always the hardest so I usually try to take him out for a walk for it. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. (This is my ‘go to sleep now please’ face).

IMG_1834The thing about naps is that they are super important as they often determine how baby will sleep at night. Have a bad day napping? Nap too long, or too short and the night will be hell. Another milestone this month (which I suspect is affecting his sleep) is teething. No signs of a tooth yet but loads and loads of drool. He started grabbing things at the end of the month, which is handy so I don’t have to sit next to him holding a teether in his mouth.

IMG_1955Lots of people ask us what the similarities are between him and Jude. I see a lot of similarity in their faces – Toby’s facial expressions have brought back so many memories of Jude as a wee one. However, Toby is a lot more relaxed as a baby – he doesn’t move around and wiggle nearly as much as Jude. Jude was a total bam bam, limbs were always flying. Toby is much more of a little buddha.

IMG_1187Toby has been quite happy to chill out when he’s awake on his play mat,

IMG_1920or in his bouncy chair.

IMG_2005He especially loves watching Jude and I when we do crazy dance moves to Sesame Street songs.

IMG_0989His neck control is super good. He holds it in line with his body when pulled to standing. An exciting milestone for parents as it makes holding him a lot easier.

IMG_1024Toby was invited to a baby play date this month with a few of his friends. It’s so fun getting babies of a similar age together and talking with other Moms about the stage. These three are all within a few months of each other.

IMG_1539We love to play this game where we blow on Toby’s cheeks and his belly. He goes wild – shrieking like crazy.

IMG_2012He has also started the adorable cooing and babbling with us and his toys.

IMG_2025Toby is such a cool little dude and it’s exciting for all of us to start to see his personality emerge.

IMG_1343At the same time I’m in no hurry for either of these guys to grow up too quickly.







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