Aunt Natalie

At the end of December we had yet another special visitor. Aunt Natalie came and stayed with us for Christmas and New Years.

IMG_1468She arrived early in the morning so Jude had a great morning as she came with a suitcase full of goodies for the boys.

IMG_1475Despite all the cool stuff, his favorite was by far a little airplane Natalie picked up at the airport.

IMG_1478Natalie got right into our daily routine. Jude just loves his Aunt Natalie so he was all about hanging out with her.

IMG_1498And every morning, without fail, he was mooching off her breakfast.

IMG_1509She even taught him how to use watercolors and so he painted her a masterpiece for her fridge.

IMG_1952Toby also fell in love with Natalie. She was so patient with helping put him to sleep.

IMG_1535And when he got a sore tummy there’s nothing better than having an Osteopath-in-training around for belly rubs.

IMG_1817These boys are lucky to have so many awesome Aunties.

IMG_1547We did some outings with both boys too – like to Playspace,

IMG_1573And TGIFridays for beer and fries and NZ Natural for ice cream.

IMG_1718On Christmas Eve we decided to skip cooking and ordered in pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.

IMG_1603We played card games and wrapped presents. It was so nice to have family with us to celebrate.

IMG_1605Nat and I went on some sister dates  -we tried our a few yummy vegetarian places.


IMG_1809Since Luke had the week of work, he was also able to do some fun stuff. Him and Nat went to the National Palace Museum one afternoon and then to the movies to see ‘Intersellar’.

IMG_1715With Luke at home we were able to fit sister workouts in during lunch breaks.

IMG_1688As the week wore on we were all pretty tired. Jude was sick too, so we camped out at home.

IMG_1779One afternoon we downloaded Disney’s Planes. It was Jude’s first movie and we watched it in 20 min intervals as that’s how long it would take Jude to get bored and want to do something else.

IMG_1722For New Years, we were invited to a party at our friends’ house. Nat and I made some food to bring – a pecan pie and vegetarian salad. Below, Natalie is pictured shredding a carrot for the salad. No big deal, right? Wrong! This is the FIRST time Natalie has ever shredded a carrot! I couldn’t believe it…but apparently she has never made carrot cake and in her salads she prefers diced carrots.

IMG_1881Before the evening’s festivities, we tucked the boys in bed,

IMG_1879And popped a bottle of bubbles to toast the end of a great year.

IMG_1885The party was fun – loads of food, drinks, and people.

IMG_1895I left early to relieve the babysitter but Nat and Luke stayed on and watched the 101 fireworks off the top of our friends’ roof. Thankfully Luke took a video as I passed out as soon as I got home and missed them. They were really spectacular.

IMG_1896The next morning we booked in for brunch at Woolloomooloo.


IMG_1926That night was Nat’s last in Taipei so her and I hit the town one final time. We went to Tonghua Street night market where we feasted on street food.

IMG_1961And then to the 101 food court for tofu pudding dessert.


IMG_1962Her flight didn’t leave until late Friday night so we got to do one last outing. We went to Songshan Airport to watch airplanes – one of Jude’s most favorite things to do at the moment.


IMG_1989We took one last group shot before the boys’  bedtime.

IMG_1992And Nat helped rock Toby to sleep one last time before we left for the airport.

IMG_1915We had dinner together and said a sad ‘bye bye’.

IMG_1994We had such a great time and are so thankful for all of Nat’s help! We hope to see her back again in Taipei soon!



Toby: 3 Months Old

Toby is 3 months old already! I won’t have him weighed until next month but I know for sure he’s big! He fits pretty comfortably into 6 month clothing!

IMG_1846A happy, easy-going, smiley baby has replaced our red-faced, crying newborn.

IMG_2041He is such a sweetheart.

IMG_1313We are all addicted to kissing his adorable cheeks.

IMG_1073He marked his 3 month bday by rolling from his tummy to his back! It surprised us all.

IMG_2071Toby is still sleeping in bed with me at night and waking 2-3 times to eat. Fun for him but not for me.

IMG_2006He does his first big sleep of the night (6:30-10pm) in his crib but lately he’s been ending up on one of us around 9pm.

IMG_1972He takes 3 naps during the day, 2 of which are usually in his crib, ergo or the stroller.

IMG_1515The last nap is always the hardest so I usually try to take him out for a walk for it. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. (This is my ‘go to sleep now please’ face).

IMG_1834The thing about naps is that they are super important as they often determine how baby will sleep at night. Have a bad day napping? Nap too long, or too short and the night will be hell. Another milestone this month (which I suspect is affecting his sleep) is teething. No signs of a tooth yet but loads and loads of drool. He started grabbing things at the end of the month, which is handy so I don’t have to sit next to him holding a teether in his mouth.

IMG_1955Lots of people ask us what the similarities are between him and Jude. I see a lot of similarity in their faces – Toby’s facial expressions have brought back so many memories of Jude as a wee one. However, Toby is a lot more relaxed as a baby – he doesn’t move around and wiggle nearly as much as Jude. Jude was a total bam bam, limbs were always flying. Toby is much more of a little buddha.

IMG_1187Toby has been quite happy to chill out when he’s awake on his play mat,

IMG_1920or in his bouncy chair.

IMG_2005He especially loves watching Jude and I when we do crazy dance moves to Sesame Street songs.

IMG_0989His neck control is super good. He holds it in line with his body when pulled to standing. An exciting milestone for parents as it makes holding him a lot easier.

IMG_1024Toby was invited to a baby play date this month with a few of his friends. It’s so fun getting babies of a similar age together and talking with other Moms about the stage. These three are all within a few months of each other.

IMG_1539We love to play this game where we blow on Toby’s cheeks and his belly. He goes wild – shrieking like crazy.

IMG_2012He has also started the adorable cooing and babbling with us and his toys.

IMG_2025Toby is such a cool little dude and it’s exciting for all of us to start to see his personality emerge.

IMG_1343At the same time I’m in no hurry for either of these guys to grow up too quickly.







Jude: 20 Months Old

Jude turned 20 months old last week.

IMG_1320We had quite a few play dates this month.


IMG_0925And even had a birthday party!

IMG_1428I have also noticed a big change in Jude and Toby’s relationship. This month he has shown a lot less jealousy and has begun to accept Toby as apart of our everyday lives now.

IMG_1271He continues to actively try and help us out with Toby by bringing us diapers or a pacifier. And still loves to know where Toby is if he has just come home from somewhere.


It’s kind of funny, but one of the games Jude likes to play with us is to pretend to be a baby. He will sit in Toby’s chair, have us put a blanket on him and rock him while he pretend sleeps.

IMG_1601He also likes to lay under the play mat and bat at the toys!

IMG_1273Despite this babyish behavior, Jude has been growing up all too fast in other ways. A few months ago we incorporated the potty as part of his everyday routine. Before bath time he sits and goes pee. He’s mastered peeing on the potty but we have yet to get him to do a poo. He gets the whole concept but is still more comfortable using his diaper. I’ve read this is very normal and can take some time. I’m in no really hurry at the moment to get him out of diapers 100% but happy to see he is interested in the whole thing.


Jude’s vocabulary continues to grow each day. He gets such a kick out of asking for stuff. He often just walks into the kitchen and says ‘food’ over and over. He’s also started saying ‘umm’ when he is considering which option to take. He is beginning to put together two words as well like ‘baby bath’, ‘more please’, etc. His favorite words to say are hands down ‘apple’ and ‘謝謝’(Chinese for ‘thank you’).

IMG_1624Towards the beginning of the month he decided to kick his Fisher Price seahorse out of the crib. This is another sign he’s growing up as it’s been in the crib with him since he was only three months old. I kept trying to put it back in but he would immediately throw him out again!



Our big boy has also started to refuse his booster seat and instead want to sit on a chair. I am happy to let him as he can now climb in and out of the chair on his own. He also knows that he has to sit in the chair and if he’s caught standing, into time-out he goes.

IMG_1773His love of playing with things that go – trains, cars, and airplanes continues. He is also really into construction sites – we sometimes ride out bike to one and watch diggers as an outing!


IMG_1002Early in the month I took him to get a haircut at the cool place with cars for him to sit in. Half way through the haircut he decided he was ‘done’ and wanted ‘down’ and started shouting ‘done down’ over and over. I had to hold him down on my lap while he kicked and screamed the rest of the cut! He ended up with a jagged haircut! I can now see why so many toddler boys have long hair as I can’t imagine going back!!!

IMG_1056Speaking of bad behavior – we still get our daily dose of tantrums and it’s still so hard when both of them are crying at once. But some of Jude’s tantrums are sooo funny – like the time I asked him if he wanted apple crumble and he collapsed on the floor and started crying because it didn’t look like an apple! Of course, when he calmed down and ate it he loved it!

IMG_1012Despite all the noise and chaos a toddler creates we still have a lot of calm, happy moments.



IMG_1857Happy 20 months to you, Jude!