Toby: 2 Months Old

Toby turned two months old last week.

IMG_0386He weighs 6.6 kgs (14.5 lbs) and is 61 cm (24in) long. He’s well out of newborn clothing and diapers and pushing the limits of his 0-3 month clothing.

IMG_0872He’s had a busy month with lots of outings,

IMG_0338Including his first baby party (which he slept through).

IMG_0104The first half of the month he was still in that lovely newborn sleepy stage.

IMG_0642Passing out anywhere, anytime.



IMG_0330But when he wasn’t sleeping he was like this:

IMG_0305This boy can really scream.

IMG_0630It was pretty horrific. He would get uncontrollably upset. We suspect it was mostly due to gas. Feeding was the only thing that could calm him down (which of course makes the gas worse). We discovered that warm baths also did the trick but as soon as we took him out he was back to screaming.

IMG_0048Just before he turned 6 weeks something magical happened and he started smiling. And in the last two weeks of the month he became more settled.

IMG_0513It was a big sigh of relief for all of us. He started cooing and giggling. We still have those red faced screaming moments but not nearly as frequent or severe.

FullSizeRenderToby’s more zen-like state has been more enjoyable for all of us – especially Jude. Big Brother did not react well when Toby was upset. Oftentimes it results in both boys crying AND wanting to be soothed by Mom.

IMG_0215Toby loves watching Jude and I as we go about our daily play sessions. Jude often sits by Toby when he’s on the bouncer and will chat with him or point out his body parts. Toby is a champ when Jude is overly enthusiastic with his pointing and gets poked in the eye or has his nose picked.

IMG_0654I have a feeling Toby is going to pick up things pretty quickly thanks to having Jude around. Jude seems eager to have a buddy to play with and no doubt cause a lot of trouble.

IMG_0506Schedule wise we have had to be pretty flexible with Toby. He usually has around three naps a day but the times and length vary. This is usually because I can’t spend heaps of time trying to get Toby to sleep with Jude around and when Toby is finally asleep there is a high risk he will be woken up by toddler noise. Thankfully his nighttime sleep is pretty good- he usually goes down around the same time as Jude at 7pm and then will wake up around 11pm or midnight for a feeding. At this point I bring him into bed with me and we sleep until 3 or 4am and then again until 7am when Jude gets up. He will usually settle right back to sleep during the night. I haven’t felt nearly as sleep deprived as I thought I would.

IMG_0387There is something so nice about having a newborn again – especially now that we know how quickly he will grow and change. For now we are just trying to take in all his sweetness. We love everything about this little guy – his tiny features, funny reflexes, sleepy smiles, and newborn smell.

IMG_0753Our dear Toby, you are just perfect in every way!


Jude: 19 Months

Here he is again!

IMG_9940It’s been a big month for this big brother.

IMG_0252He spent a lot of time adjusting to our newest family member.

IMG_0095There were a lot of tough times – lots of tears from both boys.

IMG_0755Jude is so interested in Toby and I know he already cares so deeply for him as he is always asking about where he is if he is napping, or helps me out with diaper changes and inserting the pacifier!


IMG_0773But he seems to get overwhelmed with feelings of jealousy when I am having to spend a of time with Toby  – to feed him or settle him. Slowly, things are getting better. Toby is getting more settled and Jude is starting to realize Mommy can hug two boys at once (and even pick them up!).

IMG_0748This age is a tough one as he can’t yet verbalize his feelings to me so will instead do something naughty to get my attention.

IMG_0084But Jude has actually been getting a ton of one-on-one time with Mom. When our nanny comes over he gets to go everywhere with me.


IMG_9889Despite the tantrums and naughty behavior, Luke and I both agree this age is also pretty awesome.

IMG_0075He talks and talks and talks non-stop. It’s still non-sensical but we are getting lots of words. He will repeat any words we give him and is doing it more and more without being prompted.

IMG_0050He woke up the other day and was sitting in bed with Toby and I and started pointing to Toby’s body parts and saying: ‘eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands’. It was so clear too!

IMG_9695He is also very clear with what he wants and when he’s finished eating will promptly say ‘done!’.

IMG_0628He has been so good about sticking to (and even enforcing) our daily routine despite all the changes. A few times this month he has gone into his room and stood by his crib awaiting nap time after lunch.

IMG_0418He goes between wanting to be fiercely independent of us and desperately needing us. I especially see this when we are outside at the playground.


IMG_0742It’s modeling season and he’s been busy.

IMG_0230He had three jobs in November and several more lined up for December.

IMG_0240The shoots can be hard work – getting a toddler to pose is not possible so you have to get them to play on the set. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

IMG_0234The outcome always depends on the crew we work with as well as the props. If the camera man and crew are fun and responsive – Jude will be right into it. And its even better if he can freely explore the props.

IMG_0549Working with his friends is also a good way to guarantee great photos.

IMG_0569The shoots are usually only 2 hours but can feel like an eternity!

IMG_0701Jude always sleeps super well after a shoot!

IMG_0321Jude has had a lot of good time with Dad this month, too.

IMG_0293We all love the weekends when Dad is around to hang out. I especially love the extra pair of hands.

IMG_0447Trains are Jude’s new favorite thing to play. They keep these two busy for hours!

IMG_0777I sometimes have a hard time believing he is only 19 months old – it amazes me how much personality he has already.

IMG_0472Life with Jude certainly keeps getting better and better.