Toby: 1 Month Old

We made it through the first month! Yay!

IMG_9469At his one month check-up Toby weighed in at 5.3kgs (11.7lbs) and 56cm (22 in) long! Clearly, a very good eater!

IMG_9755When he was not eating, Toby slept a lot this month. He would drop off to sleep pretty easily- especially after a big meal or bath.


IMG_8715He still loves his sleep but is starting to need more work from Mom and Dad to be put down. So begins the swaddling, rocking, breastfeed, burp, diaper check dance (repeat, repeat, repeat). This is not an easy task with a toddler running around!

IMG_9365And then when I get him down, the aim is to make sure Jude doesn’t wake him up!

IMG_9231We’re in the process of rearranging furniture so Toby has somewhere quiet, dark, and safe to sleep during the day. During the night, him and I are bed buddies. I bought a co-sleeper that attaches onto the side of the bed but we don’t use it. I like having him all cuddled up next to me.

IMG_9539I especially love watching Toby drift off to sleep –  the funny faces and sleepy smiles are too cute!

IMG_9388At just over a week old we started him on the bottle. I was keen to get him used to it early on so I could get out and about with Jude while someone else watched Toby. He took it with no problem which was a relief.


IMG_8987Like Jude his first few month, Toby is usually crying because of a gassy tummy. My milk comes out very fast so he swallows a lot of air as he struggles to keep up. Grandpa was a big help in this department – an expert baby belly massager.

IMG_5793After my parents left and Luke went back to work, I had my first week alone with two kiddos. We have a babysitter that comes four times a week for four hours at a time to help me out. This means I have four half days and one whole day with the boys.

IMG_9457Things can get pretty nutty. Lunch one day:

IMG_9357Keeping Jude entertained through a big cry session:



Our first day alone we made a short trip out to the park for some dirt play. Jude was really good but I usually always end up carrying him home – not easy with a sleeping baby strapped to my chest.

IMG_9348The second day I managed to lure Jude into the stroller and so we picked up some groceries.

IMG_9450Timing and a bit of good luck have made my trips out with two good ones so far.I am anxiously awaiting my first two child public explosion where both are crying uncontrollably at once.

My goal is to get some one-on-on time with either boy each week. Toby and I made our first trip out together to 7-11 for a coffee. It was short but nice just to peek into the baby carrier and see his sweet little face snoozing away. 
A newborn sleeping on you has to be one of the sweetest things in life.



Over the month Toby has grown to really like the bath. He still isn’t a fan of getting dressed and undressed or having his diaper changed.

IMG_9289He doesn’t cry much but when he does it is earth-shattering. No whimpering, no slow ascent – just straight into, “pick me up/feed me/ stop what you’re doing right now!!!!!”. Yikes.

IMG_9363Despite our best attempts, he’s still learning to love the pacifier.

IMG_9376One month in and this little guy has really grown on us all.

IMG_9699I still can’t believe just over a month ago he was in my tummy.

IMG_8868The newborn craziness will soon pass,

IMG_8726And before we know it, these two will be playing Legos together.



IMG_8782We love you sweet Toby and are so happy to have you as part of our family.



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