16 Months Old

Another exciting month of toddlerhood!

IMG_7134Jude had a check-up this month and weighed in at 11.65kgs (25.6lbs) and 81cm (31.8in) tall.

photo-9It’s been another month of exploration and testing boundaries!

IMG_6956He has been talking like crazy – he can go on and on and on and gets really enthusitatic about whatever story he is telling us. He spends a lot of time talking in his crib at night before going to sleep. It’s much better than crying!

IMG_6710Early in August he had his first professional haircut.

IMG_6566This place rocks! He got to sit in a BMW convertible, watch cartoons and play with toys. It helps that the hairdressers there are totally used to squirmy kids so they have A+ scissor skills.

IMG_6573I’ve been drilling in the ‘big boy’ stuff with Jude in preparation for him becoming a big brother. We got a big boy step stool from Ikea and now he can be right up next to me as I cook or wash the dishes. He also uses it to reach the sink and brush his teeth.


IMG_6925This was the last month of using the highchair as towards the end of the month he started protesting being in it and then climbing out.

IMG_6845Here’s his last few meals in it before moving to a booster seat.



IMG_6960He had quite a few ‘off’ days this month – could be teething or other funky toddler stuff going on – sometimes you just don’t know what the problem is.

IMG_6835It breaks my heart when he cries like this but also know it’s just apart of growing up.

IMG_6974This month we had a lot of times when he really did not want to be in the stroller-  he wanted to be out of it running around or pushing it. Most of the time I am really tough on this as I know that when I am also carting around a little newborn, Jude is going to have to sit in the stroller – at least until he is old enough to walk alongside me and not just run off in a random direction.

IMG_6992Despite all the tantrums, communication has gotten so much better. He still can’t put words together but he understands mostly everything I say to him. I was impressed to discover he knows where home is and our local playground, as he will point to either when asked. He also has started going to the fridge and pointing up when hungry, and he gives us a very clear head shake and a ‘no’ when he doesn’t want something. We have been working a lot on ‘yes’, ‘please’, and ‘thank you’.

IMG_6931Because of the hot summer days we’ve been playing inside more, experimenting with new play things (like daddy’s shaving cream) below.


IMG_7062He is really digging music and especially dancing. Scout, below, plays music and Jude loves to press his paw and then dance with him.

IMG_7025We got out  a lot this month and played with other toddlers. It’s so cute seeing them all together and gives me an opportunity to chat with other Moms about crazy toddler antics!


IMG_7200Jude and I do lots of solo outings, too – like going swimming, a new playground, to a cafe, or driving to the supermarket.

IMG_7023He’s been great in the car, very interested in looking out the window or singing songs with me. I took a risk one day and stopped at Starbucks before going to the store and he impressed me with how patient he was while I drank my coffee. Of course, the woman sitting behind us with the bird helped too!

IMG_7143A favorite and very messy activity is the sandpit. The clean-up is a serious effort!

IMG_7118His vacuum obsession continues. Hours and hours and hours…

IMG_7026He’s been figuring things out – like how to try and manipulate situations to delay something from happening. Like when I say ‘it’s time to go’ and he runs away! Or at bedtime when we are reading books and I say ‘Ok, one more book then bedtime’, he will keep throwing books at me to try to delay.

IMG_6844He plays lots of games now with us and initiates them – peek-a-boo, silly faces, hide and seek, etc.

IMG_6856His fine motor skills are getting impressive. He’s starting to figure out how to screw lids on and off – his new dexterity caused a little incident with nail polish remover.

IMG_7220I’ve noticed this new curiosity when it comes to reading books – he has mastered the main point of the page, or the main image and now wants to know about the background images. So he will point at a leaf, or a bird, or cup in the background and want to know what it is. It’s added a totally new dimension to story time.

IMG_6586A toddlers’ day is certainly a busy one. It’s been a big effort keeping up with this busy little body while so pregnant and sometimes I can’t keep up and he gets into something he shouldn’t (like the plant).

IMG_7096Eventually this little toddler stops spinning and we get a cuddle.

IMG_6921It’s hard to believe he will be a big brother is no time!

IMG_7059We love you, sweet pea!


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