Inside Playtime in Taipei

The summers in Taipei are brutal. High temps plus high humidity make it very uncomfortable to be outside (especially when pregnant!). But we can’t stay inside all the time either – apartment living with a toddler isn’t easy! Thankfully Taipei has an abundance of indoor play spaces – many of which are right in our neighborhood or a short MRT ride away. Here’s where we’ve been playing:


We love this place!

IMG_6988It’s a montessori-based playroom, only two stops away on the MRT.

IMG_6991Nothing is off-limits, your child can just roam free exploring what he or she wants. It’s super low-key, clean, and just has a really nice atmosphere. The cost is also very reasonable. I bought a 10-hour pass for $1000NT, so every hour only costs us $100NT, or just over $3USD! Great value.

IMG_6990Outside they have an enclosed sandpit with a slide and bubble wands!

IMG_5315This is by far our favorite place to go – either by ourselves or on a play date.

Xinyi Sports Center 

Taipei has a bunch of community sports centers scattered throughout the city. Each one has a free indoor playroom. The Xinyi one happens to be a 5 minute walk from our apartment. So we go here a lot.

IMG_7046The room has a small jungle gym, it isn’t huge but Jude loves it and we can happily fill an hour here. A bonus is that there is also a 7-11 right next door so we can grab a snack after.

IMG_6425Daan Sports Center 

Daan has a bigger and better playroom than Xinyi. It’s a short 10 minute drive away but worth it for a change of scenery. Plus, the jungle gym at Daan is way more suited to Jude’s playground ability. At Xinyi, the structure is a bit taller and has some areas Jude could fall off if not careful, but at Daan it’s closer to the ground and more enclosed so he can pretty much navigate it without my help.


IMG_7016Ho!d Juice Bar

There is awesome juice bar in the same building as the Daan Sports Center called Ho!d Juice Bar. It is designed to bring kids there. Half the cafe is filled with toys, books, a pretend kitchen, workbench, and kids’ tables. 

IMG_7021The perfect place to stop after a good session on the jungle gym for a juice and a snack. They have a very reasonable minimum spend of $80NT per person (approx. $2.70 USD).

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi (A8)

This is a chain of department stores around Taipei. In Xinyi, where we live, there is a huge one and it has various buildings full of lots and lots of shopping. In A8, there are two floors of things to buy for babies and children. On both floors, there are play areas. On the 4th floor, there is an outdoor playground and train! Inside, there is a family-friendly restaurant called, ‘Gailey’ which has a great little childrens’ play area. The catch is that if you come here to play, you have to spend at least $250 NT (approx. $8.30USD) on food or drink.

IMG_4717On the 5th floor, there is a play center, which costs $220NT  (approx. $7.30USD) for the whole day. It crams a lot into a small space.


IMG_4923The 5th floor also has a lot of free options. Most of the stores around the floor have little areas set up where kids can trial the toys for sale.

IMG_4711There are also little random spaces near the customer service desk for playing.

IMG_4713And near the elevators there is a cool interactive egg cartoon mural which  kids can place soft balls into.

IMG_6532Jude loves this spot!

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Cosi O Cosi)

In the basement of the Taipei Fine Art Museum is an Italian restaurant with an awesome playroom for kids. It’s about a 20 minute ride on the MRT from our house but totally worth it for a good coffee, gelato, and playtime.



Our local McDonalds has a very small but sufficient playroom.

IMG_3380Plus, Jude LOVES their hotcakes.


Ikea’s interactive shopping experience is great. Jude gets pretty antsy in the shopping cart so it’s great to let him stretch his legs and play in their play area.

IMG_6791Our closest Ikea is about a 10-15 minute drive. It certainly makes shopping for home goods a lot of fun.

IMG_6792Other Play spaces

There are a few other play spaces close by we have yet to try – Leo’s Play land and Kidsburgh. Leo’s is only one street over from us – it’s hard to believe we haven’t been but the cost is around the $400 NT mark, the same goes for Kidsburgh. I’ve been inside and scoped out both and they do look pretty amazing. Both have big ball pits as well a place you can eat. So maybe for a special treat we’ll check them out.

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