15 Months Old

Jude is 15 months old now and the changes keep coming.

IMG_6504This boy doesn’t ever slow down.

IMG_6503He’s so busy, all the time, just busy, busy, busy.

IMG_6431He loves wandering off and exploring whatever catches his fancy.

IMG_6429He is totally happy going out and playing in different environments,

IMG_6384And especially with different kids.

IMG_6420He still has yet to exhibit any shyness.

IMG_6493Despite his independence, there are still times when he just wants Mom or Dad. I love how he can happily play away for an hour, come over to me for a big cuddle, then return to playing.

IMG_6418This month has been all about words. He is talking like crazy and his baby babble is now making a lot of sense. He can say a lot of new words (‘come’, ‘cheese’, ‘trees’, ‘bubbles’) to name a few, but he understands so much more. I can give him much more complicated instructions now and he understands. He also has been mastering his body parts – eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, nose, head, hair, hands, and feet! It’s great fun playing the ‘point to the body part’ game with him.

IMG_6489He is also very eager to help me out with everything I do. I actively encourage it and have him right next to me and involve him as I do dishes, laundry, make the bed, and even helping dress or undress himself. I explain, explain, explain everything. Fingers crossed by the time baby brother comes along he will be able to go grab a diaper to help out with a nappy change.

IMG_6358Speaking of baby, we have been talking a lot about the baby in my belly, but I am pretty certain it’s all still over his head. In two months time he is going to get the surprise of his life when we bring a newborn home. And before long Jude will have a bath time buddy!

IMG_6449A highlight of the month was of course our trip to the US, but also our return back to Taiwan and Dada.

IMG_6323These two have had a lot of fun over the past week.

IMG_6481We’re in the thick of summer so keeping cool has been a priority. I take Jude to the Taipei 101 splash fountains but he always gets mobbed with tourists from the Mainland wanting to take his photo. Apparently his blond hair and blue eyes make him a great tourist attraction.

IMG_6326Jude is still a little foodie. He just loves to eat. Thankfully I have no problem getting enough veggies in him.

IMG_6405We are always careful to balance out all the veggies with lots of ice cream.

IMG_6477More teeth are exploding through his mouth. This time his top canines are appearing making for a whopping 14 teeth!

IMG_6468Sleepwise things have been going really great since back from the States. In the States he gave us some trouble going down at night every now and then but now back in his own bed he is sleeping like a champ – 7pm-7am, with a 2-hour midday nap. This schedule seems to work perfectly for him.

IMG_6490Being the busy boy that he is I have found that there are time throughout the day when I need to make him sit down and have some chill out time. I have him play games on the iPad or watch a few Youtube videos and this has worked out really well. It also gives me a break!

IMG_6367It’s been an absolute joy to have such an effervescent child, he requires a lot of energy from us but we are happy that he has such a thirst for life! We love you, Jude!




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