Pregnancy #2

I am more than halfway through pregnancy #2 and so far have failed to document it as well as I did for #1. My belly is growing but it’s sort of happening in the background to our everyday busy life. While my first pregnancy was certainly very special (the first time I felt the baby move, the nervousness/excitement around the birth, wonderment at growing something inside of you, and the sheer awe at how my body could so drastically change its shape ) this pregnancy has been an absolute breeze and is flying by.

(taken around 16 weeks:)

IMG_3318With Jude I Googled some pregnancy-related concern almost everyday. This time round I have Googled one thing ‘how long can I carry my toddler in a front-pack while pregnant?’. We recently had our 20 week scan where they have a detailed look at all the baby’s bits and pieces. We passed it with flying colors, which was a huge relief given we experienced so much grief during our scans with Jude. It is a wonderful feeling not to worry and to just feel relaxed and excited for #2.

(taken around 20 weeks:)

IMG_3986The boys are going to be close in age. Jude will be 17 months when the baby arrives. We have thoroughly discussed the pros and cons of having them so close but in the end have decided that the benefits outweigh the costs – I’m not working for the remainder of our time here, we already have all the baby gear, and Jude probably won’t remember life without his brother, nor should he have any big issues with feeling like his territory is being invaded. And as probably all parents hope, we hope they will be best buddies.

(taken yesterday at 23 weeks:)



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