14 Months Old

Jude is 14 months. I stuck him on a luggage scale last week when we dropped Luke at the airport  for a business trip to Korea and it read a hefty 10.9kgs (24 lbs).

IMG_4902Jude didn’t spend long walking and now he is running everywhere.

IMG_4704He is a tornado and whips through our house tearing through drawers, shelves, etc.

IMG_4694He has also started climbing, which is way scary. Thankfully we don’t have too many shelves but he gets the idea of the step stool and so I have caught him trying to use it to reach things or climb into the empty bathtub.

IMG_5282These faces are coming more and more frequently:

IMG_4693Tantrums are tough. I don’t mind at home but when we are out and I pick him up or take him away from something he shouldn’t be playing with – man, oh man, he kicks and screams and is very hard to calm down.

IMG_4760But thankfully there are still more of these faces throughout the day.

IMG_4654He’s just being a toddler trying to make sense of the world and doesn’t quite understand why he can’t play in the trash can at the park with the cigarette disposal on top…

IMG_4800He’s adjusted to his new schedule of one nap a day pretty well. He usually wakes up after 40 mins and lets out a big tired cry and after 5 or so minutes will fall back asleep. He usually manages around 1.5 hours but on a really lucky day 2 hours.

IMG_5239By 5pm he is pretty crabby and it is hard for me to make dinner as he just wants to be picked up or doing something with me. So I have started sticking him onto a shower curtain on the floor with a bowl of flour.

IMG_4958So messy but so worth it. It can keep him entertained for a whole hour.

IMG_4977The messes he makes are big but he is still very big on the whole clean up process.

IMG_4832He understands when I ask him to help me with a certain chore and he will go and find the vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. For the washing, I like to stick him in the basket of dirty clothes and drag him in it over to the machine.

IMG_5149He loves watching the clothes spin around and round. Thank goodness our machine has a control lock as he also likes twisting the knob and pushing the buttons.

IMG_4990He is really into the toilets lately – opening and closing the lids, flushing them and of course, cleaning them. He knows that Mommy gets pretty angry when he tries to stick something down it.

IMG_4905Jude’s gotten so much better at giving kisses. He used to give us these big sloppy, wet, open mouthed ones and now he closes his lips and we get a sweet little peck. He also loves kissing Fern and his peek-a-boo Elmo book from Aunt Jen and Uncle Rob.

IMG_4910He’s getting more cuddly with his soft toys, like his gorgeous lamb from Grandma Elizabeth. He will walk around the house hugging it.

IMG_5293Of course his favorite cuddly toy is still Dad. He has quite a few words but ‘Dada’ is what he likes to say on repeat all day. It is certainly his happy word.

IMG_4914He uses sounds a lot too. ‘Moo’ for cow (and his favorite book), ‘Na na’ for Elmo (from ‘la la la, Elmo’s Song’), ‘na’ for nose, ‘vroom vroom’ for cars, ‘brrrr’ for vacuum and ‘mmm, mmm’ for food he likes.

IMG_5191His favorite toys this month are ones that have an open/close function. He also is really fascinated with fitting things into one another, like in the photo below where he put a ball in a cup then took it out, over and over again. He still gravitates to balls, cars, blocks, and books. Thankfully he has decided we can can read him different stories this month, but he still loves his old favorites. He is also really into finding an object in a book and going back to it over and over – like the apples in ‘Moo’.


I’ve noticed that while he is still super active for the majority of the day, he has begun to have these quiet, relaxed moments where he will lie down in bed or on the ground. It really freaked me out when he first did it as he is usually ‘go, go, go’ until we pop him in his crib. It’s nice though to see him communicating with us when he is tired.

IMG_4871Now that he running around he is demanding a lot more food. I can’t leave the house without a purse full of snacks or else. He stands alongside me while I make him food and begs for a taste. He has also started standing under the fridge and pointing up – especially when he wants a drink of milk.

IMG_4513His hair was getting in eyes quite badly and so we decided it was time to give him his first haircut.

IMG_5097It was not an easy job but I managed to clip the back and his bangs while he brushed his teeth with my electric toothbrush (one of his favorite things).

IMG_5098 We both tried durian for the first time this month and both promptly spit it out. Yuck.

IMG_5111On the teeth count he is up to 12! His top molars have appeared. So we’ve had lots and lots of drool.

IMG_4917Our darling little boy is growing up so fast.




First Stitches

Jude can ‘tick’ first stitches off his list.


A few weeks back (Monday June 2nd, to be exact), Jude and I were chatting with my sister, Jen, when the accident occurred. Jude was sitting next to me playing with one of Luke’s triathlon medals. He likes to put it on, turn it over in his hands, etc. It’s made out of a very, very hard plastic, so I didn’t think it could be potentially dangerous to him.  But as Jen and I were chatting away, Jude let out a big cry. I looked over at him and saw his finger was covered in blood and he was holding the medal, which had been snapped in half!

I quickly hung up with Jen and quickly began dealing with the situation. I picked Jude up, ran him over to the sink and stuck his finger under cold water to try and get a good look at the wound. He was screaming and the blood kept coming so the next step was to try and stop the blood, so I grabbed a dry washcloth and wrapped it around his finger and secured it using a hairband. After a while I was able to calm Jude down a bit but I could see that the washcloth was already soaked in blood!

It was a public holiday so Luke was home from work but before it happened he had stepped out to run an errand. I was calling and texting him but no answer. I started gathering stuff for a trip to the emergency room (hoping Luke would come home in the meantime and help me assess the situation). And just like that, he walked in. At this point it had been more than 10 minutes since the accident and still bleeding. He had a look at the cut, and agreed we should go in. So we grabbed a cab a made our way to the nearest hospital (3 mins away!).

The whole process in the ER was relatively smooth. Jude laid on the hospital bed with Luke and watched Elmo videos while the Doctor gave him a shot of anesthetic and then stitched him up. He recovered from the whole ordeal relatively quickly – we both seemed to feel way worse! After the ER we stopped for ice cream and then returned home.

IMG_4518After a much needed nap for Jude, we went out for a family walk. The Doctor warned that when the anesthetic wore off he would probably experience a bit of pain, so we were keen to distract him. Since he had just started walking we decided it was a good opportunity to go shoe shopping.

Jude’s first official shoes:

IMG_4520After shopping we stopped in at a bookstore and browsed.

IMG_4519It was interesting to see how quickly he stopped using his right hand to do things and started using his left.

IMG_4526Over the course of the week as his finger healed he switched back to using his right hand. (Like while posing eating a chocolate bar at the store as the shop assistants took photos of him).

IMG_4629We had a ten day wait for the stitches to be removed during which he was unable to get his finger wet. So no swimming or baths. We consumed lots of cold treats to keep cool and kept him clean with sponge baths.


IMG_4618And finally, it was time to have the stitches out.

IMG_4733The wound has healed nicely and he may not even be left with a scar.

Pregnancy #2

I am more than halfway through pregnancy #2 and so far have failed to document it as well as I did for #1. My belly is growing but it’s sort of happening in the background to our everyday busy life. While my first pregnancy was certainly very special (the first time I felt the baby move, the nervousness/excitement around the birth, wonderment at growing something inside of you, and the sheer awe at how my body could so drastically change its shape ) this pregnancy has been an absolute breeze and is flying by.

(taken around 16 weeks:)

IMG_3318With Jude I Googled some pregnancy-related concern almost everyday. This time round I have Googled one thing ‘how long can I carry my toddler in a front-pack while pregnant?’. We recently had our 20 week scan where they have a detailed look at all the baby’s bits and pieces. We passed it with flying colors, which was a huge relief given we experienced so much grief during our scans with Jude. It is a wonderful feeling not to worry and to just feel relaxed and excited for #2.

(taken around 20 weeks:)

IMG_3986The boys are going to be close in age. Jude will be 17 months when the baby arrives. We have thoroughly discussed the pros and cons of having them so close but in the end have decided that the benefits outweigh the costs – I’m not working for the remainder of our time here, we already have all the baby gear, and Jude probably won’t remember life without his brother, nor should he have any big issues with feeling like his territory is being invaded. And as probably all parents hope, we hope they will be best buddies.

(taken yesterday at 23 weeks:)



13 Months Old

And he’s walking!

IMG_4553After weeks and weeks of practice,

IMG_3792He is finally walking  (preferring it over crawling).

IMG_3848We are so excited.


Not only is it the cutest thing ever to watch this little person waddle around, but it also opens up a whole new world to him – like the playground. So we have been spending a lot of time there lately.

IMG_3724The playground is also great as Jude is a very social boy- he does not have a shy bone in his body and loves, loves new people. He will go right up to them, wave hello, blow kisses, reach for their belongings, etc.

IMG_3720Thankfully Taiwanese adults and children have been super receptive to Jude’s outgoing personality and are often delighted to engage him.

IMG_3722We’ve been getting him out with some of his old buddies too.

IMG_3821Fun for the kids and parents.

IMG_3839Swinging with Dad is great, but swinging solo is even better.

IMG_4246This particular playground also has a huge sandpit – perfect way to spend a morning.

IMG_4257Jude made a new friend at our local playground this month  – she’s his age and very cute.

IMG_4136They had a great time telling jokes,

IMG_4135Scratching each other’s backs,

IMG_4138Jude even attempted a first kiss! So cute…

IMG_4134This past month we celebrated Daddy’s 30th. There was cake, of course.

IMG_4088We also finally bought Jude a new big boy carseat.

IMG_4200And a swim cap, which everyone  (including babies and toddlers) are required to wear in Taiwan, so have been going to the pool at least once a week.



Being a toddler now, Jude is super interested in everything we do. He loves helping us with chores- watering the plants, putting the groceries away, doing dishes. I always try to get him to help me – even if sometimes the mess he makes is bigger than the one we set out to clean.

IMG_4488Pretend play is also big on a toddler’s list. He loves pretending to clean (his toy vacuum and anything that resembles a rag), pushing his toy cars around the living room making a ‘vroom, vroom’ noise, and of course, talking on the phone. I have seen him starting to talk with his dolls too! It’s really cute.

IMG_3733He is so interested in how we use various items. After watching us several times he usually has the hang of it. And when he wants to know how to use something, he will bring it to us to show him. This past month we’ve made a big deal about him putting on his shoes to go out and taking them off when we get home, so now when I say, ‘We’re going for a walk, go get your shoes on’, he will go and get them and try to put them on. He can also anticipate things, like handing me the house keys when we are in the elevator coming back home.

IMG_4043He has been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to put things back together – like putting my cards back in my wallet, screwing a lid on a bottle, or building blocks.

IMG_4308He’s also spending a lot of time figuring out eating with forks and spoons. He gets so excited when food actually lands in his mouth via utensil! Just recently he’s mastered the art of holding a popsicle.

IMG_4214We’ve also entered the repetition phase, not only wanting to be shown things over and over, but also wanting to have the same books read over and over. He has two favorites at the moment and we can’t read anything but. He refuses to pay attention to others and goes and grabs, or points to his favorites.

IMG_4271He has sprouted a few new teeth this month – bottom molars. Making for 10 teeth in total!

IMG_4033Sleep wise we’ve had a big change. He’s dropped his morning nap and so we have put him on a new nap schedule – one nap a day from 12-2pm. There is definitely an adjustment period as he was so used to two naps a day at certain times. So by 11:45am he has been practically nodding off before I put him in his crib, and by 6pm, he gets pretty grizzly.

IMG_3983Hopefully another week and he will be used to the new schedule.

IMG_4363His ‘Dada’ obsession is also growing stronger. All day long ‘Dada this, dada that’. He walks around the house pointing at photos of Luke. It is so sweet. He just loves when Luke walks in the door after work and refuses to let Luke out of his sight until he is put to bed by him.

IMG_4208They certainly have a very special relationship.

IMG_4497Of course, we have one too! And even though I’m not as big of a celebrity in Jude’s eyes (I don’t get nearly as many ‘mamas’), I have been getting a lot more hugs, cuddles, and kisses recently.

IMG_4477This little toddler continues to rock our world every, single day!